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Dave Robertson Jul 2020
Wet grass caps toes,
a long missed inconvenience,
each pace lifting
weight long loved

The dappled, leaf stopped light
tries to placate,
but you won’t stay

Like time and tide
you wipe your face clean
and disappear through trees
with no trail
Dave Robertson Jul 2020
I shot the breeze today
with crickets, beetles,
spiders and caterpillars,
we held a moot.

Each representative, a voice:
words in the clamour
to be heard

In these lands of
many common grasses,
breeze told anecdotes,
arachnid needs
and insect calls for attention
often get ignored

Stopping to sit,
look through clutches of eyes,
sing with rattled wings
and chew cud,
can help retune the din
to be cleanly heard
Dave Robertson Jul 2020
Bewildered by the difference,
the vast, unknown shape of it all

Not moments before,
ensconced in familiar tangles,
routinely fed and tended by parents
who flared and chattered
at the merest prospect of a threat,
met only by bolshy robins
who scoffed at fear
and tumbles of sparrows
who hid in each other

This necessary, Hail Mary leap
sees me petrified
grounded at the foot
of an adulthood full of flight,
song and the weight of freedom

if I can just get through
these cat clawed days and nights
azzan Jul 2020
in this human plant *** i sit
withering away bit by bit
no sunlight here nor in far sight
with such little to my delight

hindered from growth
filled with self-loathe
to who do I call
to bring forth rainfall?

drop by drop I float atop
this human plant *** encasing its crop
I'm drowning amidst what feels to be a drought
of meaningful moments of what I'm without

the *** is now all that remains
in telling a story of one's only gain
in consuming more than is required
in losing yourself to desire.
posted april 20th
Dave Robertson Jul 2020
A green myth
to explain away why things
just aren’t quite right
and the briar patch of ages
twists in verdant sinister ways

The familiar snag and scratch
bleeds differently
and won’t be soothed the same
so welts scar visible
and tell tales

New normals are bandied about
with as much thought
as the path that led here
and the beatification of old normal
is sealed
james nordlund Jun 2020
~ Like acid rain from your closed eyes,

~       the Earth's tears bleeding,

~             for all you see is gray.

~ Grey,

~       like the animal,

~             living up to 400 years,

~       usually beautiful like flowers,

~       housing 25% of it's habitats

~       inhabitants, very vital to them,

~ from acidification, climate crisis,

~       sadly, destroying,

~             these 'rainforests

~                   of the oceans',

~ coral reefs.
"Life can only be understood looking backwards, but must be lived forward": The intellect can't lead for the life doesn't follow.  That's as backward projections from the academic supremacy.  So, there's supposedly something fundamentally wrong with people that they can't perceive all of their past and know all of their present to the point where they can completely understand life in the moment; and therefore, not just live life forward with blinders on, but, rather, live it completely in the now and future- I and illimitable potential, indivisible as life, you, think not, no?   :)   reality
james nordlund May 2020
Like acid rain from your closed eyes,

        the Earth's tears bleeding,

              for all you see is gray.


        like the animal,

              living up to 400 years,

        beautiful, like flowers,

        housing 25% of it's habitats

        inhabitants, very vital to them,

from acidification, climate crisis,



                    of the oceans',

coral reefs.
"...We(e),...", used to know to: not heat up oceans; not grind up the seeds, let our kid's as... be, and let them be kids; the real deficits realized are astronomically higher than the short-term delusional profits; like when the trillion ton ice-cube got dropped in the drink, cooling things off for a bit, but, heating them up forever, burning, flooding, extincting everything.  We can, individually, turn 360 degrees around, back to the Evolution, the future, humans will only have if we do.  By changing everything, swapping back criminal insanity for sanity, exigency for humanity; will you?   :)    reality
james nordlund May 2020
On that frame-less frame, the world.

They being painted by life itself,

With reality, the brush, holding them.

The painting ever evolving,

The frame continually changing,

Betwixt those two we,

Fill, and are fuller still.

Not grasp or let go, it's all we know,

Feeling's reeling in living art.

Our beingness, gleaned meanings

Shared, seen through, if we were there.
The more art is given, the more it is; like the art of being humane.  Thanx for all you All do and don't; have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund May 2020
Few know, fewer heed this WWII lesson, if you're not taking
bullets you're making them, used to ****** in your stead, on
your steed.  Winning WWII by luck could've prevented WWIII.  
An eye for an eye, then, allowed the whole world to see.  
You see not-see scientists who were working on the atom bomb,
in a strike of sanity, decided that they weren't as criminally
insane as ******, that they must stop him from getting it
by any means.  They should commit high treason, half go East,
half West, determining a stalemate, detente amongst powers.  
Now it seems too late, that bi-polar axi of supposed powers
'use' of pandemic to subjugate the world to survival instead of
alival, exigency instead of humanity, has pulled the rug out ....

Sadly, everybody's 'going along to get along with the program',
the speed nearly blitzkreiging, of the extermination of mankind
to it's extinction.  Why, do you ask?  They've premeditatedly
murdered 8 billion with climate crisis and if most figure it out
the global oligarchy, republican and totalitarian conspiracies
(West, East, new world order, same as the old), the corporate
structure, institutions, gov'ts, tools of la machine, would be
facing the wrath of 7 billion souls, they might not fare well, no?  
The coronaing of human being is the rich dictated needed segue
to get US to be extinct with a whimper, instead.  You, illimitable
potential, indivisible as life, walking nature's balance, giving
back to her abundance, can abolish fossil fuel use, save us all.
If the global oligarchy doesn't have an exist strategy, the supposed 'Mars Colony', that's the only way they will be forced to save the Earth and humanity.  Thanx for all you All do; have an excellent eve'   :)   reality
james nordlund Apr 2020
Reeling in the living art, unbeckoning
the hand, pen, weaving paths of study,
words, into lines, betwixt which the poetic
tapestry's music is detailed by life's loom,
flowing within it's own rhythms, rhymes,

Metered within eternity's, space's time,
with echoing silences define, an ear will hear,
a birthplace is divined, a twig of poetree to be,
becomes in chrysalis, being, you, evoking
from a Cosmos evolving, we, One, Thee.
English is like a machine language, 0's and 1's, compared to Chinese; which is why it was so easy for exigency to replace humanity in the united **** of assassins- illusional, delusional constructs are built into the language   :)   reality
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