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Sal AK Apr 12
Give me a thousand kisses
In the midst of the darkest night,
Find the bridge from my heart to yours
Let love be your guiding light
They say the fastest thing in the world is light
Then how come you are never in my sight?
I cant help but beg you to please slow down
But when I finish, youre already out of town
I cant even tell, as you slip right by
Thats how it'll be, 'till the day I die
Ill catch up to time eventually....
I weirdly - no, wantonly - want to kiss you the next time

Your blue-gray eyes besiege my focus and I resign

My sight - no, soul - to your vision and spread your word

As the bearded and fattened prophet of these feelings deferred.
bubblyflower Apr 1
red flowers cover the heavenly field,
your teary eyes reflect the moonlight,
the person that i need beside me is you,
i know you need me too,
staying by each other's side
what a beautiful sight!
i wish we could stay forever,
i wish we could be merrier,
it's time to say goodbye,
a butterfly tickles my hand,
let's be together even after the end!
Wilkes Arnold Mar 26
Your eyes met mine and I knew right then
That this was the start of something when
A fire began to blaze within
And my heart beat skipped at the thought of sin,

I leapt from my seat with passions flared
But you mistook the moment we shared
I walked right by, I hate to admit
That I was racing to take a ****
I look forward to your analysis of this deep meaning behind this masterpiece
Aŧül Mar 23
My head feels heavy when
I get a lot of hair,
Or when I've an unsuitable pair.

My sight grows dim when
I get a broken heart,
Or when I see an unusual art.

My breath feels stale when
I get mouth sores,
Or in the morning I've just opened my eyes.
My HP Poem #1917
©Atul Kaushal
Vansh kapoor Jan 3
I smiled at her as a smitten sign,
she blushed back as Italian wine.
she lowered her eyes,
shifting strand behind.
she was the one
who set up a poet blind..
selina Mar 14
there is something so intimate
in the way you shed my robes
in the sway of your hips
and the red of your lips

in the way your body stretches
under my seamless silk sheets
wearing nothing but fine gold
what a sight to behold

forget the silk sheets and fancy robes

they have always looked better on you
but: this sight of lost control
and the flush against your cheeks
this is the intimacy i crave and seek
Slime-God Feb 28
And I beheld fog
Swirling, echoing my thoughts
Reaching out; to feel
If we could be so in tune with everything as the fog, we might know peace.
Isaac afunad Feb 26
l had dreams of meeting you.
prayed that you and l could become one  but l was never a believer who could fall in love at the first sight.
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