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The heart wants
The hand speaks
Through the middle ground
The birdie flies well tempered
'Life's too short not to nice moments"-Jurgen Klopp
The audience went missing
The title ,totally stole the show
A little story (experience )
Had booked tickets online for 23rd thinking it was Tuesday ,  reached the theatre in time the ticket checker scanned and told us it was Monday's tickets . :)))
Bought new tickets on the counter , specifying  our preferences for seats and checking for availability both.
Only to enter the theatre with empty seats .
We (me and kids , sis- in-law and son)were the only audience.
Well, the kids enjoyed , and I wasn't bored either .
But the experience was indeed,first .so shared here :))
BSeuss Jul 2017
The worst
Place to be
On a battle field,
Is taking cover
From the man
Firing at you with
Blank rounds.
(Title edited. Didn't notice)
Patrick N Jan 2015
Offence has no real validity,
Yet it is used to justify the taking of lives
Is there one, that the world does not offend
If so that person has not lived or felt,

Warlords, rapists, racists, murderers and those who are cancers on society walk among us daily
Those who profess to know the will of god and act on his behalf,
Perceiving  and executing unhelpful dogma that infects our reality  

The words respect and correctness have become harbingers for cowards,
As our muteness silently strips us of our freedom,
Apologies are offered gift wrapped in fear
Sticks and stones still break our bones but pictures and words now ****** us
12 people had their lives taken by three machine gunmen in Paris on Tuesday 7th January 2015. They were killed in and outside of the building of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The attack was for cartoonists who had depicted Muhammad in a cartoon. Yes, twelve people lost their lives over a cartoon. An absolute tragedy.

— The End —