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Aleka Nov 2020
I'll give you my heart,
fresh from my chest;
after all,
it only beats for you.

I'll give you my lungs,
traquea and all;
'cause every time I see you,
you take my breath away.

I''l give you my brain,
empty my head;
it makes me think about you,
every moment at any time.

I'll give you my eyes,
straight out of my sockets;
in the end,
I only have them for you.

I'll give you my legs,
bend them to your liking;
'cause if you tell me,
I'll go anywhere for you.
Just a quick thing I did. I kinda used love poem clichés, but combined them with something gore. Not my favourite poem, but I like it.
Aleka Aug 2020
Dear Shiny Star,
Guiding me from above.
There are millions like you,
but none are as bright.

Dear Shiny Star,
So far away from here.
I stretch my arm to touch you,
but I never seem to reach you.

Dear Shiny Star
Do my pleas fall into deaf ears?
Will you ever embrace me into your light,
and take me away from here?

Dear Shiny Star,
We will finally be together.
May our light fade into one,
now that my end is near.
  Jun 2020 Aleka
Riddhi Thakkar
I often ask mie friends, “ Are you okay?”
Because for me “are you okay” can mean a lot of things like:
Are you okay? I’m here to listen you.
Are you okay, because I care for you.
Are you okay,
Because I Love you.
Are you okay??
The hidden Love
  Jun 2020 Aleka
RVani Kalyani
You are not a disgrace,
You are not worthless,
You are not ugly,
You are not imperfect,
You are not weak,
You are not dumb,
You are not fake.

You are a human,
You are real.
You can face anything,
You are a winner.
You can smile,
You are pretty.
You are wonderful,
You can do anything,
You deserve everything!

But, Remember,
You are a human too,
Do lean on us,
Do share your pain,
Do cry with us,
Do laugh with us,
Do count on us,
And do be with us.

We are there for you,
We will be there for you,
We care for you!
We will stand by you!

You are not Alone.
Do not fight with depression alone we family and friends are there for you. Many on 1 can bring victory! Do lean on us! We are willing to give our time to u so do share your thoughts and all.
Aleka Jun 2020
Time flies fast,
like a little bird,
swinging trough the sky,
never looking back.

Time is forever,
but never do you realise in time
that the present is not present anymore,
but is now past.

Time melts in my hands,
slipping trough my fingers,
only remaining the everlasting trace of memory,
staining every little crevice of my hands.

But memory,
memory remains,
persistently present in your mind,
always haunting every little image,
and every little thought.
This is a class assessment I really enjoyed, based on the painting The Persistence Of Memory by Salvador Dalí.
Aleka May 2020
Your touch
burns my skin,
as hot as a blazing fire
Your words,
pierce my heart
just like a sharp dagger
Your eyes,
undress my soul,
gently and effortlessly.
wander through my mind,
at any moment and any time.
Aleka May 2020
I’m awake,
Once again,
By the touch,
Of the wind in my skin
In this new month of April

The flowers blossom,
Their colors mesmerize me,
Every tone,
Every shade,
They captivate me.

I contemplate the plants, with a scent of bitter-sweetness,
While some bloom,
And others wither,
In an endless cycle.

The fauna and flora,
Announce once again,
With their songs, dances and colors,
The sunrise of spring,
In this new month of April.

After the dreadful silence of winter,
I can hear the sweet singing of the birds
And the sound,
Of the wind dancing with the leaves:
A spring melody...

I observe these creatures,
So graceful, yet so fragile.
They swing through the sky,
Synchronizing their movements with the wind,
As if they were ballerinas.

At the end of this month of April,
I fall asleep,
Once again,
While these tiny singers,
Recite their lullaby.
This was an assignment I did last year, and I kind of liked how it turned out.
We had to do a poem about a word, and mine was April.
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