Morning Jan 19
My problem is that I don't follow my intuition, even though it always comes to fruition.
It took me some time to really you down. You had my head spinning, round and round.
Ignoring the clues and the giant red flags. I still blame myself for everything you did that was bad.
I trusted you with secrets, bit by bit. Was it all just too much for you? So, you had to split?
Why should I feel guilty for being ignored? I'm the only one wondering, should I have done more.
But that's the whole point of your fun and games. You emotionally strung me along like I was shackled in chains.  
How many times have I apologized, for you hurting me because you're emotionally desensitized?
Yasin Jan 5
The true virtue's chaos.
Chaos is a fascinating state,
Even better, as a state, chaos is everything.
A glimpse of hope that human solves the chaos,
but then it's gone...

You can't control and it feels exhausting.
Feeling of losing control, humanity tries to solve chaos,
Create an order.
Obviously not possible, it leaves a negative feeling.
Inner squeezing as if you got pulled by a strange hand into a
dark abyss.
It shackles ,your spirit, squashes everything out of your
pinches your bones till you hate it but then.

The only notion, admit. The only alternative, love the chaos.
Humanity tries to make and keep everything in boundaries.
These are fruits. These are vegetables.
Gas balls up in the sky are stars.
They are students and the audult people
on the right side are teacher.
In the the end they are citizen,
human, animal, creature,
energy maybe an assemblage of molecules, atoms.
But when a new thing comes that does not fit in,
A new boundary will be created and more and more...
Humanity can't control that anymore, too many.
An apple is a fruit, honey is an artisan good, not for me...

The counteracts against chaos creates even greater chaos!
I love, but sometimes my darling makes people drive made,
Humanity is not ready to face the chaos in another way.
Chaos creates disorientation and orientation.
My inner me donned to a shackle, slowly squeezed, and
sag confusingly in nothing but everything.
A vessel made out of clay with a rough surface and a crumbling facade.
A powerful stream of happiness embraces every servant of chaos.
s Oct 2017
my mind is a war zone, my body’s shackled to depression
get to know me if you want to but use your discretion
i’ll push you far away and then i’ll beg for your attention-
i’ll convince us both it’s love though you’re merely a projection.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
True hope doesn't make you feel
anxious or fearful. It doesn't
cripple or bind you.
Hope is a burning flame, your light in the darkness...
Sarah Elaine Feb 2017
Shackled to my thoughts,
Glimpse of light flickers..
Brightly fading...
Grasping at its final moments.

Shackled to my emotions,
Pushed aside.
Not gone, nor forgotten.

Shackled to the everyday,
Desperate to break free,
Run, dance, sing, fly..
Dodging obstacles.

Shackled to society's normal,
Fighting each step,
Rebelling until the end,
Outside the lines.

Today I stand up... I scream and shout from the rooftops...

Shackled no more,
I will not be prisoner to me.
I will fight for me.
Blood, sweat and tears for me.
Nobody left to do it but me.
My promise to me.
Pauline Russell May 2016
Standing here with the world upon my shoulders
As I watch my dreams ignite and smolder
The greenest storm clouds are encroaching
The city's on fire, on the horizon I can see it smoking

All I can see is flames, around me the fire's rage
I'm shackled in chains, locked in a cage
By the rancid smell, I'd say my soul has rotten
For I'm all alone, I've been forgotten

The fire rages on

Slowly consuming all my dreams until they're gone
With the weight of the world making me sink
I'm afraid I'm already over the brink
Pauline Russell Apr 2016
What was I ment to be
Come closer and you'll see
Look deep into my eyes
That's where it hides
A beautiful soul shackled in chains
That's where it will remain
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
What was I ment to be
Come closer and you'll see
Look deep into my eyes
That's where it hides
A beautiful soul shackled in chains
That's where it will remain
Taya Aug 2015
Caged and shackled,
the darkness grows
a cold wind crept upon my toes
the small fire crackled
before the flame retreated
now, oh now,
I feel cheated

no food or drink
all I hear
is nothing but a clink
I feel my heart drop
like a stone
because I know
I'm all alone
Peter Watkins May 2015
Wrap me around and around,
in meters of chain and lock.
Lecture and torture and hound
me until your words stick.
But I can vow to you now,
your message will fail to slow my spirit fiery
and you'll have to kill me...

**I'm too stubborn to change
Hope is a very powerful trait we have been granted as Humans. I believe hope is at the centre of everything we do. Whether we're changing or continuing as previously; we all do it in the hopes of something greater.
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