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SelinaSharday Jun 2021
Hoping the sun don't fail by your eyes be seen. hoping light don't fail to show in the darkness where hope need grow.
Reaching where cruelty always strikes mean, as it's stealing comfort where love wants to gleam.
reflecting on a day was born.. and realizing this is where landed earths storm.
Trying to be grateful, and gives thanks. while being punished in sorrowful branks.
Imprisoned and legendary.. worldwide outside or small roomed inside. Your eyes can see whats visionary,. And nothing can steal your imaginary. Till away you go soaring where earthly eyes can't see... man can't understand God forgiving plans... Or how he makes you whiter then snow in his cleansing hands.
For every fed up day..
Just pray .... pray away walls.. scars.. pains and alls.. faith walk  just walk.. and heavenly talk.. God frees the caged lions...Gives them his blessing new beginnings..
Better then where you are.. you are better then what you have done..
your are better then what's said by any man.. Lift your hands.. Clap your hands oh earthly man..
LIFT Your HANDS.. IN WORSHIP LET FLOW God praise from thy lips..
Be ye comforted.. down to your bones...wrapped in psalms 91.. be covered..
selinasharday s.a.m 2021
confined, alone
Poetic T Mar 2020
We need not heed to the jest of a wanting,
          for if it needs your praise,
then it is guilty of denial.

And embellish  on your need
to need, for it to have
                   its authority over you.

You are humanity.
Ian Jan 2019
A cold and shackled figure,
Hardly a husk of what once would be,
In the mirror it reflects a creature,
No human would ever care to see.

So distant from all other life,
The isolation has become a defense,
From the twisted world of the living,
So filled with overwhelming strife.

Standing solemn, eyes cast to the dirt,
Shackles secured firmly to the rock,
The birds surround his prison to mock,
The exiled being, and his surrender to suffering.

Alas, with frantic flapping they depart,
A gentle hand presses to the imprisoned heart,
The chains turn to sand and drop him free,
Eyes gazing up to his savior to be.

With stars for eyes, and the cosmos for hair,
How did his troubles turn her to care,
As she came down from her heavenly realm,
To bless such a meager, humble life?

He rose to his feet and without thought, mirrored her,
His hand, to her heart,
"This heart is yours, and yours to keep,
Hold it ever close and find love, limitless and deep."
Poetic T Dec 2018
If I could repeat a
it would be the victory sign
                              I gave you.

The sign of ******* used in
                           singular usage.
those of an educated and memorable
                                      use of wordage.

One meaning I'm free of the shackles,
                   and that I'm no longer
beneath you.

Instead it meant in an aspect of freedom,
         but then I got real turning it
                                                     on its head.

And to others that saw it meant what it said,


I'm no longer yours, I'm free of you...
                     and my life is mine  from this day...

Mine to live,
no longer shacked
                      by others
                      weak bonds that I'm  free of.
Robert Anthony Aug 2018
The best way to edit that one was to delete it...
Morning Jan 2018
My problem is that I don't follow my intuition, even though it always comes to fruition.
It took me some time to really you down. You had my head spinning, round and round.
Ignoring the clues and the giant red flags. I still blame myself for everything you did that was bad.
I trusted you with secrets, bit by bit. Was it all just too much for you? So, you had to split?
Why should I feel guilty for being ignored? I'm the only one wondering, should I have done more.
But that's the whole point of your fun and games. You emotionally strung me along like I was shackled in chains.  
How many times have I apologized, for you hurting me because you're emotionally desensitized?
for you
Yasin Jan 2018
The true virtue's chaos.
Chaos is a fascinating state,
Even better, as a state, chaos is everything.
A glimpse of hope that human solves the chaos,
but then it's gone...

You can't control and it feels exhausting.
Feeling of losing control, humanity tries to solve chaos,
Create an order.
Obviously not possible, it leaves a negative feeling.
Inner squeezing as if you got pulled by a strange hand into a
dark abyss.
It shackles ,your spirit, squashes everything out of your
pinches your bones till you hate it but then.

The only notion, admit. The only alternative, love the chaos.
Humanity tries to make and keep everything in boundaries.
These are fruits. These are vegetables.
Gas ***** up in the sky are stars.
They are students and the audult people
on the right side are teacher.
In the the end they are citizen,
human, animal, creature,
energy maybe an assemblage of molecules, atoms.
But when a new thing comes that does not fit in,
A new boundary will be created and more and more...
Humanity can't control that anymore, too many.
An apple is a fruit, honey is an artisan good, not for me...

The counteracts against chaos creates even greater chaos!
I love, but sometimes my darling makes people drive made,
Humanity is not ready to face the chaos in another way.
Chaos creates disorientation and orientation.
My inner me donned to a shackle, slowly squeezed, and
sag confusingly in nothing but everything.
A vessel made out of clay with a rough surface and a crumbling facade.
A powerful stream of happiness embraces every servant of chaos.
s Oct 2017
my mind is a war zone, my body’s shackled to depression
get to know me if you want to but use your discretion
i’ll push you far away and then i’ll beg for your attention-
i’ll convince us both it’s love though you’re merely a projection.
Lyn-Purcell Sep 2017
True hope doesn't make you feel
anxious or fearful. It doesn't
******* or bind you.
Hope is a burning flame, your light in the darkness...
Sarah Elaine Feb 2017
Shackled to my thoughts,
Glimpse of light flickers..
Brightly fading...
Grasping at its final moments.

Shackled to my emotions,
Pushed aside.
Not gone, nor forgotten.

Shackled to the everyday,
Desperate to break free,
Run, dance, sing, fly..
Dodging obstacles.

Shackled to society's normal,
Fighting each step,
Rebelling until the end,
Outside the lines.

Today I stand up... I scream and shout from the rooftops...

Shackled no more,
I will not be prisoner to me.
I will fight for me.
Blood, sweat and tears for me.
Nobody left to do it but me.
My promise to me.
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