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Yasin Aug 2020
Every blooming thing is dying
wheter you believe it or not
but darling shhh
it's not that bad
sto thinking
just enjoy the moment
otherwise I'll do it
by myself
crush love
Yasin Dec 2019
Imagine having your own little world
with tiny little creature
a few dwarfs, drowsy fairies
all eating cherrish red apples.

You love every single one of them.
But now they having their own little conflicts.
The dwarfs started eating, but not the apples
Instead they feast on the fairies.
all eating blood-red fairies.

A few generations later
the last dwarf on your world
swears at you
"What a beautiful job you did"
A wild confused laughter appears
echoing in hole covered by winter.
You cant be satisfied with anything in live. Cause you have no control at all. Until you start letting everything go his own flow. And yeah I was playing pokemon when I wrote this.
Yasin Dec 2019
A child that loves nature
Nature is everywhere
and everything...
...there is no unnatural thing

Humankind grew out of nature like all
else living or non living in the common sense.

He wants to create something living, breathing
out of mud and blood and sweat
Cause the only difference is love
in a living and less living organsim.

A stone can feel satisfied and does respond
to environmental action
but he...
does not feel.
Until it gets so loved
that it becomes
living beeing.
Yasin Jan 2019
I began .. feeling
But it ... does not
Feel like
... me ?
Yasin Aug 2018
Home alone
Nothing left
Dumping lawn
Like a stiching dorn
Nothing to seal
Up till dawn
Not to yawn
But to feel
Newly born
Feelings while staying awake at night
Yasin Jun 2018
simple life
reaping crops
through the  sprouting shadow
pay attention
death's always around
a little unconscious blink is enough
shadow takes over
and welcomes the little simple man
called death
dissolve into nothing
a soft sound noices
Yasin May 2018
Someday you search me
But everything
You will find
Are these letters
       I hope you remind me
But I will be there
Somewhere between
These pages.
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