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Robert Anthony Aug 2018
With but the soul of a poet
and the heart of a clown
my heartfelt intention
was to not let her down

But you can't cage our madness
with the rules of the sound
for if not for us poets
there would be no more clowns...….

R.A. Ries   (C) 2017
Tried to tell her...
Robert Anthony Aug 2018
The best way to edit that one was to delete it...
Robert Anthony Aug 2018
Writers own the night

     the solitude of darkness

Brings thoughts to words

R.A. Ries (C) 2016
Robert Anthony Aug 2018
Write from inspiration

                  Anything else is just a ******* fraud....

R.A. Ries (C) 2018
Robert Anthony Aug 2018

R.A. Ries (C) 2017
Robert Anthony Aug 2018
Silver icicles gleam.... scattered in the snow
   like the kind you had on your Christmas tree when you were a kid

what happened last night

she left with him

Valentines wrapping paper in shreds

       I step barefoot out on the balcony
                               in the frigid morning

I light a smoke and do a shot to clear my head

and then I remember a note she gave me...…

      "sometimes if I listen close I can hear your eyelashes curl when you sleep"

R.A. Ries (c) 1994
I don't write for anyone but me and the ghost in my head...  I have to put it out there just to bleed.…
Robert Anthony Aug 2018
It never ends good.....

     If it was good it wouldn't end

but there's always that one.....

R.A. Ries 2018 (c)
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