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Aaron Layton Aug 2018
The river runs dry
As my heart cry
I don’t know what to do
Without you

Everytime we separate
I miss your heart rate
Cause I love you
That much is true

For when we are together
My life feels complete forever
My smile never disappears
And my thinking is clear

Love always shines
Through darkness and grapevines
For you I give my heart
Cause you're the one that gave me this fresh start

Forever and always
This isn't just a phrase
It’s a promise to you
That this won't be the last adieu
I watched her get onto the bus
I stood there in the rain
She was off to find her future
I'd not see her again

I watched them load her baggage
Like so many times before
This time I watched the bus leave
And knew I'd not see her no more

Fractured dreams, and broken hearts
Together fourteen yeas
The rain felt quite refreshing
Only raindrops, no more tears

Many times we'd played this game
She'd leave and then come back
If I had to give a number
I'd lie, 'cause I've lost track

She sat beside the window
Looking down, then straight ahead
She was leaving, not on her terms
But this time, my choice instead

Somewhere there's a waitress
I'll find her soon and grab a drink
A celebration bourbon
At least two, I should think

The bus went up the highway
I turned around and walked away
I took my phone out of my jacket
Found the trash, tossed it away

Fractured dreams and broken hearts
I was tired of the game
We'd fought and made up plenty
It always ended up the same

The bus, lost in the distance
In the can, the phone did ring
I laughed and sought that waitress
and the joy that drink would bring

Fractured dreams and broken hearts
The future now was mine
I know it was now over
And it was by my design

I found a bar and went on in
Ordered up two shots, then three
My past was on a greyhound
My future, was up to me
Nicole Dawn Jun 2018

Inside your head
      It's war.
Inside your heart
       It's pain.
Inside your soul
       It's death.

Outside your body?
It's calm

Don't let them know
Don't let them see
A poker face
Strong and cold as a mountain


Float above
Somehow one and two
Aware and unaware
The body stays...


Inside your head
Outside your body
It's too much to stay
Panic rising then gone
You are one but
You are two

Word *****
Blade Maiden Jun 2018
Make sense of me
Unwind me

       Define me
       Don't decline me

                         See through
                         Make due

          Find me
          Don't bind me

                               Shake me
                               Don't fake for me

               Feel me
               Don't kneel for me

                                   Make sure
                                   Take me pure

         Don't hesitate
         I won't separate


         I've come to evolve

                                                                             Don't let me dissolve
Kivanc Jun 2018
september morning,
pavements are yellow,
bulbuls are separated.
Ella Salvador May 2018
I used to think that no one can ever love me until I met you

It was a sunny morning
Sunlight beaming and kissing my pale skin
I was deeply in love
Fallen head over heels
Moved mountains for you

A storm shattered my soul
It continued to hunt me
A ghost that was created by you-- who I truly trust
You caused me so much pain and yet I stayed

My love is greater than your flaws..
I said
I loved you unconditionally
I helped you change
Be better
Did everything and whatever I could
To save what's left of us

I never knew then
I was going downhill
Rock bottom
I was empty
Something has changed.. I realized
I cannot give anything now
I tried to control everything
Nothing is working--
                Nothing worked...
                                ...and so it ended

                                            - Ella Salvador
(c) February 2018
awknight Apr 2018
The pen in your hand
spills the blood you wish
your eyes could.
Sitting, staring into the
white abyss. Thinking,
stab them in the throat,
dear. Watch the blood spill
from their lifeless iris. Don’t
be so kind as to close their lids.
They should see you,
we all should see you.
Arcassin B Apr 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

The inner hate,
Leaving scraps on the dinner plate of
A life promise to yesterdays,
come at your throat and disgrace your
But who am I to be a burden,
**** man I am the burden,
A bird then yet to not soar when our kind
But still stuck in an endless loop of sin,
Where the crisis actors get awards
nowadays for mocking an human's end,
You outta be ashamed but you aren't,
The world is messed up,
But I'm smart,
I love to make beautiful words out of a
circumstance in some lines that
shatter hearts,
But in a good way,
But what do you say?
Will the ignorance play a part in this today?
is it too late ? Can you ever be saved?
Became what you hate the most but
Still you pray? We all do.

It doesn't have to end like you think it
Plotting on the enemy might be a must,
Looking at your own burial kicking dust,
Trying not to fall in love with a succubus,
Be a man , its hard enough to be on my
Anxiety takes over my temple and exits
my throne,
I can not even trust anyone at home,
Why won't the devil just leave us all

things will get better.
‎things will get better.
things will get better.
‎things will get better.

I was on my own, needed no more help.
Where were you when I needed all that
No family support behind me.
When I was in trouble , did you believe

With your inner peace , you could truly be
free with a bundle of dreams and two
seater, two seater,
All of my friends are imaginary people
in a land of truth seekers , truth seeker.
With your inner peace , you could truly be
free with a bundle of dreams and two
seater, two seater,
All of my friends are imaginary people
in a land of truth seekers , truth seeker.
carminayasmin Apr 2018
They parted
She left because he always looked down.
He left because she always looked up.

Of course she always looked up,
meaning she would pass strangers faces
and follow life through it’s guide.
It was only she who tasted the stars and the sun and the moon.
She could look at who spoke when she chose to listen,
and looked at smiles and floated through souls.
And read herself to esacpes,
understood brush strokes which formed the art that whispered to her through the rhythmAnd was bitten with dreams
and was thirsty to drown in every ocean she could.

Yet he still never looked up.
He never seen her fully
nor did he discover what was above, infront of her.

She left because she knew
when she looked up,
She was still tied down to his roots.
So she caressed a knife, cutting herself free.

When she looked above now,
her eyes were open brighter and her soul blushed at the winds.
Roots at her feet grew and planted themselves wherever she pleased.

As she left he was blind,
For it was the first time he ever looked up at the stars.

But it was the last time he would ever look up
To see her leave.
19 November
, 23:06
Dakota J Dawson Mar 2018
I left a note
Badly written
Couldn't read it myself
Guess I am wrong

You belong
To a husband
Who can love
Not the corpse

I see fit
To leave

Nothings right
Everyone is a rogue
Soulless and unkempt

Next city over
Should do
I can't see
But feel

My aching bones
Heart pounding
Attacks inducing a coma
****** after ******

Suicide would be preferable
To this existence

I taste wine
Smell roses
Still, he draws near

I gave in
Touch and taste
Feel and rhythm
Musical accomplishment

Twisted my tongue
A hindered depth of divinity
God without spirit
Human all the same
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