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Elizabeth Fruin Jan 2019
It's been months since I was by your side
But love is a feeling that no one can hide
I miss the smile that you gifted me with
But your smile has become something of a myth

I still remember the ear to ear grins we shared
And all the emotions that left me so scared
To think that I thought we could be something
Has made me begin to wonder about everything

To all that have felt one sided love
Elizabeth Fruin Jan 2019
I played games when we never knew each other
The me who I thought I was, would now stutter
I didn't know what it felt like to fall for someone
I always thought that they'd hear my story and run

But then you didn't at first. You held my hand
You took me to a happy never never land
You said my I'm okay could become truthful
But that opinion soon became neutral.

Where the games were once fun for you
It soon became too much for you too
You never thought you'd have to save a life
You backed away to save yourself the strife.

I've been found out on all the games I've played
Each one was just another brick I've laid
To build my walls higher for my own safety
I tried to lock them away but you found the key

Was I meant to understand the repercussions
That each turn would lead to these discussions
That with every act i once did would undoubtedly
Lead to the moment where we're no longer a we

The past shouldn't dictate our future of possibilities.
Elizabeth Fruin Jan 2019
I've been roaming in shallow waters
Left my hollow footprints behind
Tip toed on the edge of the deep end
Afraid, afraid of sinking

Holding my breath in too tight tonight
Slipped off the edge, can't go back
The water's holding me far too close
Not letting my feet touch the ground

My thoughts have cease to exist
Not a single flash of life came to be
Nobody said that it would end like this
Looks like I'm not apart of your history

My breathes are scattered and alone
Reaching out for anyone's hand
Because I don't think I can
My feet don't want to touch this land
The past is a place my mind often dwells in... 2019 will be a year that I look ahead with the past pushing me toward my dreams rather than holding me back
Elizabeth Fruin Dec 2018
You say I told a lie about last May
And if that's what you think
I guess there's not much to say
I'll untie the anchor, let it sink

Go to a place where you'd love me
Somewhere my truths aren't lies
Disappear so I can no longer see
These heartbreaking replies

No more attention seeking
That you felt I was up to
No more having this feeling
Of my heart ripped in two

I don't want to remember this
I only want the good moments
When you were proud
You even said it out loud

Elizabeth Fruin Oct 2017
Smiles locked away behind doors
Tip tapping of feet upon the floors
A closed up room for two souls
A love seen only through keyholes

Laughter heard through the walls
As two hearts tumble down the halls
A slight change to the pace of my pulse
And an emotional reaction of convulse

I realize that my heart has speed up
My mind can't seem to shut up
Not sure if you and I are a thing
Or is this just a little something something?

- E.A.F
A connection is formed, but to what degree? We'll just have to wait and see...
Elizabeth Fruin Sep 2017
She starred upon passing surfaces
Not dared to look at any faces
Each platform raced by the next
As her mind rebuilds its recks

A lip numbed by her own bite
Holding back her fight or flight
The world still turned with her steps
One off of the edge of this complex

- E.A.F
Unsure of what live should be like at this point...
Elizabeth Fruin Aug 2017
Its sad that I can't really remember you
I remember moments that were once new
Like trips to the zoo or car rides in your BMW
But I dont remember the essence of you

I can't remember the smell to your clothes
The scent isn't picked up by my nose
No memory of the last hug we shared
Or the last time I made fun of your beard

You were a dad to me maybe not my father
But you treated me as your own daughter
How can my brain even think to forget you?
Why can't I remember our last "I love you"

I don't know what we actually said that night
The one before I woke up to the medics flight
The way they ran to your room to abruptly try
Only to give us a truth we wished was a lie
Missing a big part of my heart today..
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