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Myrrdin 3d
I wish this was about what is missing
I wish they'd have stolen all of me
Buried it somewhere
Pushed it out of a truck
Speeding down a highway
Too fast for
My mother to notice
Too quietly for
My father to care
It is what they left of me
For everyone to see
Out in the open
Ugly, marred
Screaming, biting
Foaming at the mouth
So unlike a daughter
The prodigal son
Is welcomed home
The feral mutt
Is drowned
Myrrdin 3d
Skinwalker lover
Call my name again
My heart a peach in your fist
Ever longing
More, more, more
Lapping tongue
Starving dog
Cannibalize me
I'll never notice
My pieces missing
Begging for scraps
While your meal
Grows cold
Myrrdin May 2021
The unknowing of you
Will take a lifetime
Sea salt and sage
Music in the mornings
Softness of skin
Roughness of hands
Coffee cold and sweet
Like loving you
Like losing you
Myrrdin Mar 2021
And I never really knew
I had to want them back
I thought I could be owned
Just by being wanted
Myrrdin Jan 2021
I could tell you honestly
That I love you
But your laughter just
Sounds out of tune
And even his screams
Sound like a symphony
To me.
Myrrdin Jan 2021
Loneliness lingers
Where your touch once
Myrrdin Dec 2020
Stumbling in unceremoniously
To perform the theft of me
I had never been afraid
Until you taught me I should be
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