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Jose Gonzalez Sep 2015
Upon the sands I stood in vigil,

in my thoughts, in images of her and her song.

Here  i am, locked by land and distance,

unable to swim freely in her waters of calm.

How I wish to be part of her world,

to swim the currents of her soul in ecstasy.

Within thoughts, comes many things,

realizations of hurts, and desires that may not be.

I must depart from these beautiful waters,

know I am alien to this place.

I cannot stay any longer upon just a wish,

unable to be more to what she needs.

I must bear the sadness within me,

to walk away, red eyed, full of tears.

Leave her be, in her world to search,

to find one she deserves ever so.

To be content that she finds happiness,

held by another of where she thrives.

I am just an observer, witness to all she is

experienced bliss like never before.

I know now I leave with an everlasting dream,

an imprint in the sand where i stood.

I can only see from the distance, for the days to come,

to make cast of it and a place to reflect.

I know of what will never be of us,

but will always have to remember, her Siren's Song.

Copyright © J.L.Gonzalez 2015
Sometimes a wish is just never granted. However much it hurts  and to have the realization of it, it may be that a better door awaits, or the later pain would've been to much to bear.
You hid pieces of yourself,
In places you would never look.
Hidden within those inner landscapes;
Unable to remember their names.
Olivia Daniels May 2018
I can’t get my brain
To shut the hell up.

I don’t want to talk right now. please leave me alone. it isn’t you i
  promise, it’s me and
N othing can stop me from thinking that it’s my fault and
  everything is my fault. why are things this way and why did i
  lose you and my friends? i can’t help but think and
F eel depressed because i love you. i don’t want to lose you but i
  have and i’m not happy, i’m almost never happy anymore. or
  maybe i never was. emotions exhaust me but they’re all i know. i
  don’t usually get angry but when i do i go off and
J ust shut up! you’re wrong, i’m right. why can’t you see that? i
  need structure, it’s how i function and you are so incredibly
  unpredictable which excites me, even if no one knows, because
  that’s risky and i like new adventures but i need stability which
  my life, my existence, can’t provide

because i’m too complicated to make sense,
My life is contradictory
I took the MBTI test and got INFJ which help me understand so much more about myself then I ever have before. I highly recommend it to everyone, as long as you answer honestly, it's good to help you understand yourself
I know not what I am
But I sure as hell am scared
Sometimes I catch a glimpse
and wish I had not dared.

I haven't been myself I mumbled,
it's been a short 4 years.
Yet everyday I am humbled!
to be honest with my fears!

Surviving off my self loathing
are the devilish voices that I feed.  
Watering my mind's garden is refreshing
and THAT'S the energy that I need!
This piece has a very surprisingly optimistic point of view by the end of it.
Keiya Tasire May 17
"Within each of us
Yes, it's under the surface
Is a land of mystery
Just waiting to be explored ."
a hint that there is more to life and it is uniquely yours.
Milkyboy  Oct 2018
The Well
Milkyboy Oct 2018
Dark is the Well to the bottom of my heart
Deeper than Joseph's cistern in Dothan
Should you try to fetch a water for a drink?
Where moss and mosquitos give life and live.

Shepherds and Herders pass by and spit
Said "its a curse and empty abyss"
Yet mosquitos live and form there families
And other lifeforms here they sleep.

For them its "The Well of Life"
Though its stinks and useless for your needs
Your spit and curses can be there food
Forming new life and birth.

Foul and useless this Well maybe
But someday a Living Water will be fetched
For I heard a One Shepherd who drank and bathed in this pit
He said "I will reach this abyss and pour Living Water in it"
My heart stinks!
Olivia Daniels Jul 2018
You are light
I am light
reflected through the crystal prism of

Each of us shines with a million colors
Fractals that glimmer
in certain light
at certain angles

What really matters
is what you see
my blue isn't your blue
or red or yellow
Those colors are determined
by our place in

There is an energy
consider it magic
that flows and weaves
in and out
of every person
or place or thing
And like a spell cast
that energy becomes our luster

When the sun starts to set
and its luminescence shines though
that cut and shaped glass
window in the front door
we all have
It spills our hue
for all to see

You become a rainbow
I become a rainbow
our pigment splashed on
life itself becomes our personality
And much like we all have
our favorite colors
that's what draws us
to one another
Sadaf Fatima Feb 4
Since childhood,
I have been fascinated by one story,
The story of The Ugly Duckling.

Whether a duckling or a swan,
She always stood apart.
Alone in body and thoughts,
She never was the crowd.

But chancing upon her reflection,
She discovered a thing or two,
She wasn't to waddle along,
Their purpose was not her purpose.

She knew she had to be different.
She had to feel out of place.

It took some time,
And great amount of pain,
To realize,
It was the wind that caressed her wings.
It was the skies that enchanted her.

She had to rise beyond inhibitions,
To a place far far away.
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