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Juan Bot Feb 23
Little John lived up the hill.
Where the birds flew under his legs
and the dust rolled off his porch.

John would not live to meet the gaze
of a tall woman,

Her braids flapped in the direction of the wind.
Her cheeks turned red when he saw little John's shadow.
Her eyes began tearing when she saw little John's body,
Arms sprawled over the top of the hill,
As if hugging Mother Earth.

A parallel line of red gashes surround his back.
Slavery is never good.
You asked me about my homeland,
But I refused to tell you.
The confinement of words is not enough to express the tangible freedom this city radiates.
You know what they say, seeing is believing.
So accompany to Devil's Peak where the smoke of perseverance will fill our lungs and clear our heads.
Let me take you to the beach where the smell of inequality and segregation still lingers in the air.
Let us stand atop Lion's Head, listening to the long forgotten roars of triumph from moments passed.
We'll take the Red Bus and discover so many wonderfull places.
You wouldn't be able to resist falling in love with this city.
Let us stand atop Table Mountain, taking in the beauty this city has to offer, breathing in the smell of fynbos.
We'll leap with the springboks,
Hunt with the lions,
And paint the sky with the Blue Cranes.
We'll look back on 1994 and relish in the improvement this city has undergone.
The lights of the city burn bright when the sun sets.
It will always lead us back home.
Lastly, come with me to District Six, where the houses represents just how much of a Rainbow nation we are.

This is South Africa.
This is Cape Town.
This is freedom.
This poem was written about my home, Cape Town, South Africa, for Heritage Day.
Desmond the poet Sep 2017
Oh, you seed of mankind.
You who reside in the same Coloured white *****.
You carry the ***-determining chromosome.
Before union with female egg, human colour was same.
After fertilization, emerged different coloured humans.

Oh melanin, you who determine our skin colour.
You went as far as differentiating our hair colour.
What have you done?
Are you to blame for racial discrimination?
Maybe blame theory of evolution.

Oh no I blame you mankind.
God gave men brains of a kind.
The kind, that knows wrong from right.
In the image of God, mankind was created.
Colour was not restricted.

I urge mankind across all racial groups.
A plead to all *** groups.

There’s more to what you see in the mirror.
It was microscopically a seed within white *****.
We might differ racially, men and women.
We came from same coloured seed.
Svode Mar 2018
Fill with hate!
Expose their views
at any rate!

Expose their lives
at any rate!

Expose your own life
at any rate!
BWriter Jan 2018
All these years have passed and still nothing has changed,
So we have to march,
Against the abomination of colour segregation,
I'm just tired of all the lies I want to know what's real,
If I stand by your side will you show me the deal?
I’ve got the moon and the stars beneath my feet,
Will that be enough to free my speech?
Tried to climb peaks that were placed deliberately out of our reach,
They envy my life but I envy theirs,
Heaven looks great until you have to climb the stairs,
I capture my emotions in a liquor potion,
It's all good swimming with your tears in the ocean,
And if I can sleep tonight,
I'll let them know I wasn't afraid of the light,
Can you feel the fluttering inside?
Just come lay with me on my side,
And let's both watch the butterflies fly out of our eyes.
Steve Page Oct 2017
Today we have the labeling of people groups.
Yesterday we had the suggestion of an inherent disposition to dishonesty and violence in some groups.
Tomorrow we will have the careful counting of individuals and the placing of individuals into each people group.
But today,
today we have the labeling of people groups.

For those of you who are new here, we recommend this period drama underlining racial differences with a subtle suggestion of inferior intellect in some groups indigenous to warmer climes.
And here we have a persuasive and tabloid friendly research paper that hints that children of mixed race tend to struggle in school. You'll be relieved to see that it hasn't any distracting data.
And on the shelf beneath you'll see there's a picture book version for younger children.

Over here is the arbitary divide between us and them, with a useful circle of arguments to differentiate ourselves from others.
Here we have colour coded lables to more easily distinguish between  people groups. Yes, that's correct, we have three labels: white, black and, a recent addition which is now available for added distinction, rainbow.
Oh yes, when engaging in any discussions, for your own safety please ensure you wear these ear defenders.
To ensure a free flow of visitors we have erected large signs in three languages marking where charity at home ends. Yes, after rigorous focus group testing we have selected the English language in three font sizes.

We are coming to the end of this orientation tour.  Please note the subtle but effective shedding of compassion for those who appear or sound different to us.  This underpins the necessary disregard for the rights of others that we assume for ourselves and for those like us. It is almost imperceptible I think you'll agree.

But the priority for today, as I say, is the labeling of people groups. 
No questions.
Shall we begin?
Prompted by Through by David Herd.
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