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Grey Jan 2021
I beg of you:

1. Examine me with curious eyes.
Crave to sneak a look within,
to see where the treasures lie.

2. Caress me with gentle fingers --
hold me in such a way
that every touch lingers.

3. Open me, peer into my soul
and study each aspect with care.
Hold each one in the softest embrace
no matter the fright or scare.

4. And this, I ask with all my heart --
love me, treasure me, and all my parts.
For despite appearances, despite my walls,
I am not Pandora's Box.
Not my best work by any means. The meter changes every stanza and it doesn't flow together well at all. I had originally not intended for it to rhyme but I changed my mind at the last minute.
Bug1 Dec 2020
the tears that fall
that fall down my face
are viewed as weak
they are not weak

they show I have feelings
they show I do care
they are not weak like you think
they are strong

so what if I cry
so what if I let how I feel show
just ignore me like always
just act as if I weren't there

just pretend you don't see me
pretend I'm invisible
like I don't exist
I don't need you

what I need is a friend
someone who sees the tears
sees who I am
sees me for me

someone who views them as strong
someone who cares
someone to listen
I need these tears
Nikki Jun 2020
Love me, hate me
Desire me, despise me
Hold me, leave me
But do not ignore me
See me, as I see you
Do not pass me by
as if I’m not there
Do not show me
you’re happy without me
Let me in,
tell me I belong
Do not shatter me
and crush my hopes
But reach out,
take my hand
and let me in.
Daisy Castell Sep 2018
I feel ****** to the
Eternal inferno of flame
The smoke burns my
As I listen to the
Crackle of burning skin
The brimstone hearth
Holds the flames of
Those lost
The fire burns through
My flesh
As my eyes turn to flames
And yet the pain feels welcoming
Daisy Castell Aug 2018
Someone granted on me death
They reached out and stole my life
My only wish that they held my breath
But instead they used a knife

Don't need roses at my grave
Don't need sorrow, hurt, or pain
Stolen life, that i had gave
Stole my life, but what'd you gain
Daisy Castell Aug 2018
I can feel the chain
Wrapped tight to drag me down
I can feel the pain
A sensation that brings me to the ground

I can feel your eyes
Set upon me burning
I will not say goodbye
Even though I'm yearning

I feel very broken
Torn up beneath your cleets
I feel very broken
Like the ground Beneath Your Feet...
Daisy Castell Aug 2018
My Irrational thoughts
Lead me astray
The delusion I have
Of a life I don't
I make myself believe
I live in a semi-perfect
When I never will
The insanity in my head
Causes complete delirium
The Mania of a Broken Person...
Nothing in my life is as it seems
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