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I move from right to left lazily
Everything around me is hazy
Sometimes a colourful passerby stops for a rest
Sometimes they stay, considering me as their nest
But they all leave over time
Some consider me as grime
Some love to nibble on my tips
All I rely on is my roots and their grip
The sun’s ribbons of light nurture me
They play through the waves as I admire their beauty
Some days it’s calm and quiet
And I can feel the warm sand in my roots
Sometimes is rough and rocks and pebbles rip through
All of those beautiful green stems I grew
But through it all, I grow back
To feel the beautiful warm sun touch my tips
And the soft touch of sea foams lips
~ 13/2/21
July Gray Sep 2020
The smell of the ocean
The all consuming stench
Salt and sweat and maybe
Something along the lines of freedom

Water and sand and seaweed
Twisting and tying knots
Around feet and ankles

Blinding stunning light
Piercing and painful sunlight

Tasting salt and tears
A cold sweat
Blankets twisted around ankles
The dark stifling heat of night

I miss living
I've noticed that the more vague and chaotic my poetry is, the more people see and react to them. I think that's interesting, and it makes me really happy when people like my poems.
(Written 8-18-20)
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
I once found seaweed
In my hair
And I search for days
For the ocean
As if I will open the door
There will be miles of water
Ricocheting against the door jamb
Every wave whispering hello
But, there was nothing
Only an empty hallway
I rest my hand upon my chest
To find vibration
And when I cover my ears
Close my eyes
I see the ocean in me
Ari Jan 2018
i like seaweed

typically dried
yummy nori
crispy, crunchy
salty, spicy,
always savory
ironically never
on sushi
yes indeed

i love seaweed
Veronika Dec 2017
You think you are the sun divine
I look at you and you multiply
I’m hungry but I can’t eat
Give me those eyes will you

My best friend, I was so afraid
Lay beside you, your body like a warm sandy beach
My body like washed up **** trying to get free

I was looking for salvation in the rock pools
Little snails and ***** would cling and pick at me
Til I finally gave in
You turned me evergreen

How long til the moon pulls you away
Leaves me to rest again, dehydrates me into a skeleton serene
How long til your silky arms stretch out again
And tickle me into an object of a lust, desires obscene

I feel you close
Like echoes in a tunnel seeming to whisper in your ear
But you’ve a long way yet to grow
And know just what this strange **** craves

It isn’t simple as giving orders, or showering me with delight
The heart of the matter lies in the murky deep,
The root causes the illness I wear from head to feet

Dissolve me in heavy salt and weightless oil
Purify me on mountaneous rock
Shake me in the willows endless, indifferent sorrow
Throw me away to make sure I’m for keeps

And maybe then after years of struggle
Summers burnt and winters melted,
I will still play my vengeful game and give you eyes that say
“I’m better, you will never win.”
Ryan Unger Mar 2012
There was this guy Bart that I met in Prague,
Told me his girlfriend lived down in a bog.
“She’s big and she’s green, with long yellow fangs,
And seaweed hangs off of her head like green bangs.

The first time I met her she bit off my hand, and spit it out next to me into the sand.
The next time I met her, this guy Bart he said,
“If she bites you again, I’ll cut off her head.”

Well this time she bit off my leg, and she even ate Bart,
That’s when I decided that I had to start,
Thinking of ways to get rid of this creature,
So I hobbled to town to talk to the preacher.

“It’s love that it need!” he beamed at me,
“Just show it some love, and then you’ll see.”
So to the bog I went with love to share,
Bart’s girlfriend came out, and greeted me with a stare.

I shouted at her, “I came to share love!”
And offered her the preacher’s precious white dove.
Well she snatched up the dove, broke it in two,
Threw it aside and said “Now onto you!”

I turned to run as fast as I could,
But was bitten in half like an old piece of wood.
My final thought before I had died,
Was that love had solved nothing, the preacher had lied.
Stephen Purcell Dec 2014
From beach to beach to beach, glimmering shimmers of sand laden waves lap lazily at your feet. The seaweed masquerade of the crab clumsily dancing amongst the foam is paradoxically poignant but apt.
Sighs of relief as the soothing sensation of the sea on hot blistered feet capture the essence of the moment. The simple pleasures of the beach; sand ridden toes and remarkably veined geodes; the golden grains and barnacle encrusted rocks provide a unique treasure indeed.
And then comes the gentle pitter-patter of a sunshower- putting a literal damper on things- but uniquely completing the picturesque scene.
Inspired during the Abel Tasman Coastal Track, one of New Zealand's 'Great Walks'.
LiviKawa Jun 2014
It drags me under
Spits me up onto the sand
My lungs filled with seaweed and water
Making it impossible to breathe
But panic isn't an emotion
Its a friend
A familiar presence
Because the ocean has done this
Far to many times
For me to be surprised

— The End —