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Ari Feb 3
Lay in bed
Close my eyes
Hope the static
Behind them dies
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Weigh me down
But I still float
Don't think too hard
Or I might choke
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Soft and warm
Yet can't relax
Get up once more
I need a snack
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Get back in bed
I lost my spot
Took 15 tries
To get how I got
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Have happy thoughts
Ignore regret
They don't remember
What I said
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Forgot the light
Another arc
I'm still afraid
of the dark
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Now back in sheets
It all is set
My buzzing phone
Another threat
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Non-stop scroll
Now check the time
It's half past 2
Such a crime
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
Peace and quiet
That's what I need
"Please shut up!"
But mind won't heed
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
It's almost dawn
I must complain
So much exhaustion
And endless refrain
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream
I should get up
No longer steep
Alarm rings but
I'm fast--
Dream Dream Dream Dream Dream!
Ari Feb 3
Why am I sad?
I don't know
Do I have to feel bad?
I don't know
Will it ever stop?
I don't know
How can tears continue to drop?
I don't know
What will happen if I wish?
I don't know
Can I take what I dish?
I don't know
Could I dream it all away?
I don't know
Should I run or instead stay?
I don't know
Is it empty inside?
I don't know
Might it leak outside?
I don't know
Is it what I deserve?
I don't know
Does anyone observe?
I don't know
Why won't the memories fade?
I don't know
Can't it change if I prayed?
I don't know
Is the silence maddening?
I don't know
Or is it rather saddening?
I don't know
Am I a captive?
I don't know
Are my thoughts maldaptive?
I don't know
Does time truly never pause?
I don't know
Is my destiny in it's jaws?
I don't know
Is it really really real?
I don't know
Is it a tape I can reel?
I don't know
Will the sun always rise?
I don't know
Is Tomorrow a curse or a prize?
I don't know
Does the cycle always repeat?
I don't know
Does my heart keep missing a beat?
I don't know
Is goodbye what he meant?
I don't know
Why won't he lament?
I don't know
Is it 2 already?
I don't know
Shouldn't my breathing be steady?
I don't know
How could the end be in sight?
I don't know
Can the dark exist without light?
I don't know
Aren't I better off dead?
I don't know
I swore that's what you said?
I don't know
When will the story come to close?
I don't know
How much will it expose?
I don't know

Will I ever know?
Will I ever know?


Wait and see.
Ari Oct 2020
i wish the words would just come out
or when they do they wouldnt go south
i wish everyone wasnt so focused on my mouth
i wish i did but, i don't know the route
i don't know
i dont know where to go
or who to be
or when to flee
or what to see
in you, or me, or we
the my view is stuck on one sight
doesnt matter the circumstance, always black or white
always good or bad, always wrong or right
bathing in darkness or blinded by light
the choices i make weigh
oh how they weigh
on my heart,
my mind,
my life, and
my soul
This was sitting in my drafts so I guess I'll post it.
Ari Jan 2019
I'm just floating through space
And I just can't replace
The feeling that I get when I'm with you

I sigh and close my eyes
No matter what I try
My heart cannot deny my love is true

Yes we're miles apart
But honey, we see the same stars
Why you love me, I haven't a clue

I figure we're meant to be
Even though its hard to see
My feelings, you already knew
I love you

And so I'll sing your song
My words just can't be wrong
The passion we feel they can't subdue

It's best I come clean,
You're the best boy I've ever seen!
You'll get what I mean...
You always do.
Ari Sep 2018
I don't know if anyone would understand if I told them how I feel,
A clear explanation is something I long to have.
I'm hardly ever honest, especially with myself,
But I realized there is one I could anyways be honest with.

One who accepts my lies and my truth, whichever I wish to share.
One who has no expectations other than that I be myself.
One who indulges in my vices and virtues.
One who has known me all these years.

One who is there when the tears fall,
One who is there when my lips stretch into a smile.
One who is warm comfort in the frigid night,
One who soothes my burning rage with a cool kiss.

One who connects me with millions holding but a pen,
So that I never feel truly alone.
One who captures my thoughts when they slip through my fingers.
One who treasures every syllable in every word, and sentence, and line.

One who takes many forms, but in all of them is there for me.
One who treasures the power of the tongue,
Yet the only one who heard my cries when they fell silent on human ears.
One who harbors the weakness to express my emotions,
When I can't find the strength to say a word.

This is the one who is a savior to my tender heart.
Her name is Poetry.
Ari Sep 2018
to lose all my senses
is just so typically me
oops, you did it again
playing with my heart
wondering why you've done this
always from the start

you know i'm in love
i think you're sent from above
but you're not that innocent, are you?
are you really serious?
my problem is this:
i'm foolish in all the ways
and i cry during my days
wishing so many different things
all that happened,
if only i could press repeat

you know,
things just don't sit
and in the end, it doesn't matter
'cause, oops, you did it again
and you'll do it again
and again
making sure
i'm lost in the game
i fear you'll forget my name
and things will stay the same
Is it weird that a Britney Spears song is oddly inspiring?
Ari Aug 2018
oh here we go again.
same tears, same pain, same pen
writing down the words i wish i could say
to you, hoping the anger would go away
i have a feeling it won't
i give you chances to redeem, you don't
i know i should be supportive in your time of need
but when i see you with her, i fill up with greed
and i wish sometimes i wasn't as nice as i was
and that you would care more than it shows because
i want to be your friend, i really do
but sometimes i wonder what you would think
if i crushed my love, and hurt you too.
These are different words, but it feels like I'm writing the same poem again...
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