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Donna Apr 14
Yay it’s lunch time..yes
Maltesers , Crisps , Diet Coke
Not good but feels good

We all get these days :-)) perfectly Yums x
Osiria Melody Feb 14
With nimble hands, the opening of a plastic
bag transpires,
Dire need to consume food, edge of bag rips
A roar of condemnation, sneering at you
Contents of food fly out from its captivity,
Dispersed across the floor like lawn sprinkler

With frightened eyes, overcome with the rush
of tears as if they were competing to fall out of
Food stares at you and relishes in its final
Should I abide by the five-second ru–
A gargantuan foot bears down on food, like one
slamming his foot abruptly on car brakes
Cccrunchhhh, cccrunchhh...

Such a tragedy!
But, by the way, this pair of shoes sure look
better than mine
With nimble hands, you seize the individual by
the neck and–
Sssnapppp, ppopppp...
Dire need to feel remorse, but none embraces

With nimble hands, the opening of a plastic bag
Don't ever touch my food.
Thank you.

Don't you hate it when you eat a snack from a plastic bag, open it up, only to witness one of the edges ripping?
Donna Nov 2018
Bowl of weetabix
Topped with spoonful of sugar
Warms a Winters Night
My fav cereal, Dean just made me a bowl ,  Yums ***
InsertPenName Nov 2018
Where there's will
There's a way
Where there's way
There's a why
Like why do I have to traverse  
This path
Why can't I just stay home?
I back wid lil snack
Invocation Nov 2018
Little girl peeling in Orange in traffic
with your favorite fingernail
I love to watch you attack
tear off the skin chunks and save them in a jar in your car because the smell makes you feel so far away
it's very clean-smelling
This cold little orange
it's a dragon ball in dragon hands
My sore throat needs this
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Knife cuts the scone smooth
Happy thoughts with bitter taste
Fragrant memories
Scones with strawberry jam, one of my favourite snacks!
Which does bring back unpleasant memories, but still
Lyn ***
Gray Jun 2018
Guess what?
I just ate an entire coconut!

Shell and all,
Because i aint a weakling y’all!

At first i must admit it was hard to crack,
But you guys know strength is something that i don’t lack.

Gosh the milk inside was ever so refreshing.
I swear to you those coconuts are a real blessing!

Oh great I’m once again starting to get hungry.
Do you guys want to share some among us three?

If not, i guess that’s alright,
But i think it would be best if you got out of my sight.
Shallow Mar 2018
Orange, light, crunchy
Consume hand-made calories
Gone to then digest
Ari Jan 2018
i like seaweed

typically dried
yummy nori
crispy, crunchy
salty, spicy,
always savory
ironically never
on sushi
yes indeed

i love seaweed
Kiara M May 2017
You broke me, congrats
you took my heart between those perfect whites and bit down
I almost did not want to believe it

you made excuses said baby iḿ so sorry
i almost half believed it
you said chill youré overreacting and i could not stand it

what was i to you?
someone to touch but never to hold
a snack but never a meal
or someone to bury when you felt alone

as awful as it sounds to me you were just enough
but maybe that shows more about the type of girl i am and the type of guy you are
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