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LiviKawa Jul 2016
i miss you
yet you are not mine
to miss
LiviKawa Jul 2016
you give me everything
yet why do i feel
like its not enough?
LiviKawa Jul 2016
bet you hope my lips taste like sugar
but be careful
they will posion you
and then that will be the end
ill leave you in heartbreak
because thats what im best at
i hate this, ill probs redo it soon
LiviKawa Jul 2016
i am hesitant everytime
im about to hit send
and overpowered with
crippling guilt everytime
i say "i love you"
LiviKawa Jul 2016
i like to fall asleep in the sun
fingers just dipping into the sand
as if dipping them in chocolate

i like to close my eyes and forget
the insecurities that line my thighs
and hope they fade with every ray

but i can feel your eyes on me
and i can feel you spacing out
and all i can manage is deep raging guilt

im so sorry
LiviKawa Jul 2016
its going on 8 months
and who knew we'd be here

yet i feel so disconnected
and i cannot say i like
the one im in love with
LiviKawa Jul 2016
my mind is cloudy with guilt
that i cannot stand
yet youre an obsession

if i could stop now
i dont know that i would
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