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Fọlá Dec 2018
I don’t want somebody like you.
An imitation, a copy.
A partial resemblance, or a general likeness.
A picture of charm, wit and/or kindness.

I don’t want someone as good.
I don’t want someone better.
I don’t want somebody like you.
I only want you.

I wasn’t looking for love,
Until I found you.
I never knew what it was,
Till the first time I saw you.

Happiness and joy,
Of this, now, my life is full.
I didn’t know it at first.
I just know, that I love you.
Lemonade Dec 2018
"What is an indulgence?"
"A crispy sun-dried towel after a nice warm bath."
The lazy soul replied.
slay Dec 2018
Since the **** when did i become so impulsive?
My thoughts are repulsive
I'm a sedentary sulker
I need instant gratification, need to lighten up my aura

Self indulgence is a Taurus, and
I'm a ***** for the chorus
Caught up in your orbit
Like the 6th key on an *****
The pitch of which, like the ***** of my organs,
Faking an ****** to release some endorphins

But that's not me...
I'd rather kick up my feet
One hand on the small of my back, the other feeding me treats

I put a Lindt truffle on my tongue and as it melted it tasted like you,
Folded the wrapper into triangles, tryna get my good side adjacent to you

So let me get you on my couch alone
How ****** hot are you to watch cartoons and get ******?
How ****** hot are you? Put the fan on and go
Take your shirt off or no?
Something's got to give and me what i want is front row
Go on and say something daring, it's just the merlot
Baylee Kaye Nov 2018
I used to write poetry.
write about feelings I’d never known before.
but now that I experience them,
the emotions once foreign to me,
I realize they’re nothing like I imagined.

I thought my heart would pour words onto paper,
overflowing with an uncontrollable joy.
but instead it’s soft and steady.
a warmth that radiates calmly across my chest.
it’s simple and it’s comfortable.

now that I know what this feels like,
it’s as if I’ve lost my vocabulary,
forgotten how to write.
because the only thing on my mind
is this feeling you give me.

one I’ve never known before.
Hope Nov 2018
Plant me a rose, plant it down on my skin
Dig it to my flesh, wound what make sin
Grow the thorns until it pierce my heart
Let the four chambered wall torn apart

Crimson flowers, bloom towards my skin
Turn me into something, I've never been
Watered by blood, drain the endless pain
Nourished the knife that blood stained

Flower of thorns open my beating chest
No one saw the beauty, let them see the rest
Darkened blood and the broken promises
A garden to have, to care that wishes

Grow into me garden I've always wanted
Dreams I seek and the love I've pleaded
Creep into me bouquets of flowery blood
Just this time give me what I can't have
Dream Nov 2018
You may not see me walking with the stars....

Because i walk with the breeze through the sunflower fields....

Ever seen anything more satisfying than that¿
Today i feel the most satisfied i have ever felt in my short 18 years of being. In these 18 years i have realized the importance of inner peace. I mean how dare i let an idiot who can't park properly ruin my day¿ How can i let him/her have that power over me¿ I have reached a point where i appreciate all the people in my life for being there and for all those who are not for not being there lol, you're only doing me good ❤. Happiness is a choice i have made. And i choose to make those around me happy too. After much introspection i am proud of who i have become and who i am becoming. I don't have to walk with the stars to be seen. My inner peace will make me known by those watching me walk with the cool breeze in sunflower fields.
Liquid Bear Nov 2018
Blinded by the light
of ephemeral satisfaction
I **** another part of me,
a sacrifice to the demon
of nervous starvation.

It's a circular game,
a dog chasing a tail
made of sugar and guilt,
hunger feeds on hunger
until I'm empty and full
of ghostly desperation.

I know I'm racing
towards an open grave,
a vacuum in my heart
and crumbles in my hands,
yet the lips of gluttony
are too juicy to forget.

Forgive me,
for I have fattened
my apathy
and thinned my hope,
now another grain
of shame
in the hourglass
of my destruction.
One of my nightmarish addictions and its effects.
maddie Nov 2018
You convinced me to go home with you
After a night of good fun
I knew I shouldn't have trusted you
How could I have been so dumb ?

It started out with a kiss
A little bitter from the wine
I was in a state of bliss
Everything was just fine

But then I froze in shock
Your hands were down my shirt
I couldn't even move
As your hand went up my skirt

I wanted you to stop
But I was petrified by your actions
The sweet man I knew
Became a monster needing satisfaction

You took what you wanted
I couldn't stop you
You left marks on my body
***** my mind too
Will Bittner Nov 2018
We wandered far and wide looking for something new-
We thought that we had already done everything there was to do.
We sauntered through forests of doubt and confusion
But our conflict was just an illusion.
We came back home to reach the conclusion
That our little hovel had plenty for me and you.
The first poem I have published. About not being thankful-count your blessings!
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