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Lu Wilson Jan 26
I breathe, I close my eyes and I drift  
I'm so happy, but still wanting to cry

Air fills my chest this is truly a gift
Bidding farewell to all that why

I open my eyes and breath again
Singing praise yet quietly screaming out

Releasing this dark aggressing bane
Grateful, now hopefully liberating doubt
Good news, full heart
Tommy Randell Jul 2019
Wives  & Husbands who win Lotteries
They get divorced citing new possibilities
Having woken up soon after winning as opposites
Is BAD all we want from The News?

Football stars hanging out for transfers
Sitting there salaried as multi-Millionaires
Paying more for a manicure than most earn in a year
Is BAD all we want from The News?

Pop Stars & Celebrities investing in forests
Hiding their wealth in carbon slippery projects
Dodging their taxes by being financial tourists
Is BAD all we want from The News?

Politicians & Rulers passing gifts under the table
Non-Declared interests to keep the status quo stable
Blaming the Past for a Future they enabled
Is BAD all we want from The News?

Corporate Wars being fought over tariffs
Billionaire Brokers behaving like a sackful of ferrets
The last one standing gets to call out the Sheriffs
Is BAD all we want from The News?

Is it a hierarchical structure of deceit and betrayal
From the promise of free money to the final denial
No matter where you're from in Humanity's pile?
Is BAD all we can talk about that is News?

I would like a poem on the news that lifts the Heart
I would like a story on the news where people take Part
I would like a world where the news shows who we really Are
I would like news on the News about the ending of BAD News!
hello my name is Oct 2018
What do I mean
When I say I want good things
I guess I mean
That I don’t want to feel sad when I hear Good news
Or that
I want to be able to open my mouth
And have my own voice come out
Instead of the voice of a different girl
Far away from here
Whose tongue doesn’t freeze in her throat
When someone asks how she is doing
And means it.
Delta Swingline Apr 2017
You just can't help but love the feeling that you know something they don't.

But at the same time, you can hate that feeling until the secret explodes from your heart.

But in the event of this good secret, I can only watch people be oblivious and love that this secret won't stay a secret forever. Because I know something that will hopefully make them happy.

But when someone is dying to know the secret...

You can only hope you don't disappoint them when you finally tell them what it is.

Because you've been holding this secret for 3 months.

And it means something to you.

Hopefully the same applies to them.
I know. And that's the only thing that keeps them guessing.
Cordelia Rilo Oct 2015
when the clouds all seem to disappear
when your insides are singing
exploding at the same time
when the music blaring on the radio
is exactly the right volume
you text, Everything looks good!
as a group message
your cheeks hurt from smiling
your anxiety a part of your past
given way to euphoria
you look down
place your hand gently on your belly
and say quietly
*"I've been waiting my whole life for you"
Angela G Jul 2015
I'm at that point where
good news
and bad news
are irrelevant.
*All I want is an answer.
ms reluctance Apr 2015
I walk amid
the silence of broken hearts
and ghosts of the lives never lived.
Oblivious to
the echoes of dashed dreams
and the pall of dampened spirits.

I have received good news
and in this moment,
I am invincible.
Enclosed in a happy bubble,
I let the contentment wash over me.
Later I can return to my troubles
and be part of the crowd again.
NaPoWriMo Day #7
Poetry form: Free verse

— The End —