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ardnaxela Oct 30
I take a trip
Where my wild thoughts play..
A frolic frilling in
my mental while in
the physical I lay
Calm and collected is
subjective; cool
Serene as it may seem -
those moments harvest
an energy,
a need
for my little monsters
to be
day dreams from yesterday -
ideas released
like forgotten beasts
to be unleashed and
on these precious lands
Of nothing
Praying hands sent up
in ambiguity
Where silence is the King.
Creativity lives
in a jungle place
Present yet
Far removed
from time and
ardnaxela Oct 30
Beads of pink burrow
in her teeth
Memories of
a treat sweet
for her tastebuds to keep.
ardnaxela Oct 12
You are never
clear with me
What it is you want.
I always have to guess.
Is this just a game to you?
Is my heart a play thing;
somewhere for you to make a mess?
maybe it's a dream
It's all made up
And I should wake up.

I want to
Give you
Of me.
But I gotta know
You want me
Gotta know you
Need me
Know that
You can complete me.

I'm ready to become
Whole again

tired of



tired of





Bits of my soul,
S h a t t e r e d by senselessness.

blacked in sin.

I need my peace back.
I don't like to ask
I hate to guess
I'm wondering -
Can you be that?
And if not, just say so.
ardnaxela Jul 22
cemented in my position in opposition of lonely terrors
lonely terrors come at night, until they just watch from the shelf
from the shelf they contemplate and wait in their complacency
their complacency preys aimlessly under stars on barren souls
souls so cold have no energy source no life
Life gone stone - a victim of the Demented
demented are the intentions of the barren soul, to self-destruct conflicted and cemented
cemented in my position in opposition of lonely terrors
monsters i created myself
“Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm. ”
― Robert Louis Stevenson
  Jul 19 ardnaxela
Tom Dodd
If Yesterday
be scarred by bad memories
and Tomorrow
possessed by dark dreams
They both have the power and influence
to make Today
come apart at the seams
There’s beauty in a silhouette
Despite the eyes I’ve never met
Her form takes shape and screams neglect
From lack of love to great extent
There’s the shadow of a marionette
A puppet on a string quartet
A solo act in-lieu of a duet
For someone who’s been heaven sent
The surest thing, the safest bet
The highest highs, the slow descent
Of lofty goals and warm sunsets
Instead, exists another ill content
  Jul 18 ardnaxela
She's as wild as the wind but as serene as the rain. Her eyes are full of life but her heart's full of pain.
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