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ardnaxela Sep 9
saw my heart as the enemy
when really
every battle fought was
just to win yours back.
a true Trojan horse in fact
left my gates
wide open
oblivious to the silent attack.
liar. traitor. cheat. scoundrel.
ever since i met you
it's like you've waged a war
against my happiness.
that rosy patch once
reserved for you
now scorched brittle black.
Day 7. The healthiest way for me to release my anger will always be through ink.
ardnaxela Sep 2
a new Beginning
unexpected yet welcome
this fresh sight of Love.
Day 1. What are you happy about these days?
ardnaxela May 19
Soft cries -
dreadful token.
Harsh lies -
True friends -
except imposing.
Inequality -
Pain-killers -
Brought up
Love dies -

Still hoping.
edited and reposted from April 2019 because current circumstances have expressed a need..
Broken wings,
when made of
still can
if you
ardnaxela May 18
It’s not just you, it’s me too.
I’m just foolish.
Because I saw her and I know
you don’t love
me, anymore
and that you’ve moved on
but I’m still waiting
for your name to flash up on my
It’s none of my concern
but I can’t help to wonder
Have you ate? Today?
I still wanna
make you a plate;
cause I know it was some *******.
Look at me
still trying to put in work
and I’m not
on your pay roll.
I’m not even an intern..
and that’s her job now anyway..
So ******* foolish.
ardnaxela May 17
I’m still in love with your stupid ***.
Seriously, how long does falling out of love with somebody take?
ardnaxela May 15
I know
all this crying is beneath me
But i just feel
like you want to leave me
and you’re too afraid
to show it
You don’t want to
be that *******
who leaves their girlfriend
while she’s showing.

I get it.
It’s okay if
you don’t love me
what hurts more
is all the guessing.
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