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ardnaxela Jul 19
the deed done
they both
lay in wonder
ardnaxela Jun 22
she hates the poor
tosses her neighbors right out the door
sweeps the facts up under the mat
tell me how right is that?
to makes rules that benefit
the one percent already rich
neglect the side effects
or the lives she may impact
freedom remains a mystery
between her and me
America, see
we tend to disagree
she hides her errors in arming her terrors
as they assassinate
our heirs;
eradicated their history
then tried to write it back
to a blank
a page of empty space
now tell me how white is that?
3:47 am (WIP)
  Jun 16 ardnaxela
Asiah Mangham
She went and wrote the rivers
Illustrated the waterfalls
And conducted the forest orchestra
She took on the role of Mother Nature while she watched the world deteriorate her role as a woman
I am a Woman. Simple but Conplex in every form.
ardnaxela May 28
You ever felt like the Moon
was crying with you,

An existential just-because
Imagining if your existence never was
The type of feeling
it would be difficult to explain..

An amber crescent set low in
a mass of darkness
A lone candle to bring
Life to the shadows of pain

Tell me have you ever
felt the Moon cry too?
4:40 am
  Apr 23 ardnaxela
Mizzy Vitorillo
when im around you
i can see why the ocean is endless
and why people love the horizon
i can see why waves are always attached to feelings—
crashing into our very soul

when im around you
i understand why i love the ocean—
and why i feel like it loves me back
ardnaxela Apr 23
one finger or two?
pick a direction; apply
pressure, aim and twirl.
enter the garden.
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