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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Don't you know what damage you do to me?
Obvious if you just look
Chaos easy to see
Can read me like a book

Love in the way I move
Embedding every cell
Impossible to decrease or remove
I am under some sort of spell

Dancing around corner housing truth
Afraid of what is lying in wait
Doesn't take an expert sleuth
To figure what signs indicate

With the time and effort I give
Hoping for resolution
Thought we would find a better way to live
Resulted in destitution

Don't you know you are the reason why
I tolerate array of abuse
Cheat on me
Yet somehow remain my constant muse

Potential picks up pieces
Each time illusions shatter
Infatuation never ceases
When promises scatter

And all that matters
The end of the day
Is overwhelming adoration I feel
Is worth the hefty price I pay
Experiencing something real

It is sad how I never cross your mind
In mine you never stop
Harbor peace I cannot find
Places wish we could swap

If love no longer hangs on heart
Inform so I can start to accept
Our bodies must be apart
Owe me at least that respect

Is it difficult to share
Thoughts inhabiting your brain?
Done my best to make you aware
Of both happiness and pain

Head spinning due to disappointment
Your silence says it all
Attempts to evoke enjoyment
Lead straight to a brick wall

Whisper prophecies in ear
How many moments til we're done?
Don not hide what I would rather not hear
Nowhere else to run

You do not dare to break the careful facade
Worked so hard to protect
In denial of behaviors flawed
Too badly to halt or correct

Somewhere along path we travel
Feet strayed from the planned route
We are forced to watch our dreams unravel
Trapped without a way out

Afraid problems are too high to rise above
Inevitable is here so quit trying to pretend
Don't you know there is nothing that can save our love?
Even the strongest relationship comes to an end
How can you be so naive?
Senti Mental Oct 2018
Pretty little girl in red
Lying there upon the bed
Rememberin’ what the madam said
Might as well enjoy it

Trying to think about
All the things she did without
Of course she has her doubts
Her story hard to admit

Dropping out of PHD
She is only 23
Life is just a misery
Her bank ain’t got much in

Not quite thinking straight
Next client worth the wait
Mr Smith or Master Bate?
Look but no touchin’

*** with the lights off
She never gets a night off
Teeth ripping her tights off
No regard for her wellbein’

Seeing regular faces
Powder in wrong places
Feeling like a disgrace
Life’s got no meanin’

This story only goes two ways
A regular job with regular pays
Or seeing out her final days
Before ending the story...
of her life.
Based on an article I read.
Brent Kincaid Apr 2018
I’ve been roped and doped
Also been ***** and taped.
I’ve been slugged and drugged
I was bugged, then I shrugged.

It is all just another day’s work
For a silly streetwalking ****.
It’s life without a single perk,
Pays less than a checkout clerk.

I keep changes of tight clothes,
Show off the body, anything goes.
Use a languid suggestive pose
No one questions, everyone knows.

Stand by a light pole and grin
Someone will quickly pull in
And ask if you’ll go for a spin
In half a hour, I’m back again.

If they seem to want to pass
Turn around and show some ***
I make sure I show some sass
And am sure to be smoking grass.

Sure I get picked up by the cops
But, this old story never stops.
It’s a tale as old as these shops.
It’s bad when the temperature drops.

Rain, sleet and snow, I’m around
Staking out my piece of ground
To see what trade can be found
Hunting for the everyday hound.

So drop by and see me any day.
I’m not like the sun, I won’t go away.
I’ll be here as you drive by to say:
“Hello, baby, want some fun today?
Ashley Black Mar 2017
And in the waves of confusion,
we laughed as life swept us off our feet.
And in the fire of destitution,
we claimed joy amidst the heat.
And despite all our tears,
and beyond all our pain;
We sought clarity,
and danced through our rain.
Pisceanesque Jul 2015
Falling fast down hovelled stairs,
digesting wealth to ransom cares,
grotesque men who soil and harrow
suspend my dreams from thinning rope.

As discharge weeps from places raw
and blisters burn a molten core,
another phallus, soiled and poisoned
wants for smack and *****’d ******.

I bleed from wounds so deep within
of pain so stark and crude and raw
that pins me ‘neath the brine of sin
like drowning prey in ***** and ****.

I fail to dim the moving shadows:
those twisting jerks of spewed release –
but coming soon will silent growls
of dripping fat and blistered guilts.

Voiced within me, vague and distant,
something cries, yet tears withdraw.
Copious unheard pleas are buried;
here lay I, unknown, destroyed.

To burrow past unhuman men
(to further seal a keyless lock)
would ‘splay me in the public eye,
exampled, maimed, defeated; lost.

Phlegm and fur may line my mouth;
engorged, my lips, a ***** for more.
But somewhere deep inside myself
I’ve walked away from Brothel Shore.
© Tamara Natividad
Written 18 October, 2009

— The End —