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Lu Wilson Sep 9
History stands still, but time seems to be flying
Our world is selling a product and I'm not buying

Panic, hate and fear knocking to serve at my door
Watching others with plates out asking for more

People hungry for sorrow and thirsty for pain
Kindness, light and sensibilities lay quietly slain

The earth is on fire in every sense of the word
No answers or hope just the utterly absurd
This year is hell. There seems to be no end in sight. It's feel like a dream so much that has happened in 2020. So much rhetoric and so much hate. No end in sight.
Lu Wilson Aug 27
We feel cold from the earth's suffering
Numb from the sadness and pain
Seeking warmth from a hopeful spring
Begging the universe for refrain

So much agonizing in the darkness
It's so chilly without the light
My dear ones feel the bitterness
Frozen hearts and hands from the fight

We crave a glimpse of the sunshine
A ray of calm calling our names
Seeking reprieve with the divine
Our arms lock as we approach the flames

A fire of hope and joy and peace
We warm our heart and hands
We embrace as the sorrows cease
Love thawing while light withstands
My heart has been aching for so many family members and the world. The bad news doesn't seem to end and I feel helpless sometimes. I kept feeling frozen and this poem came to me today.
Lu Wilson Jul 21
How old was I when I first looked into the mirror and wasn't enough

How old will I be when my reflection replies I'm too much
I wrote these words down in a notebook and found them today
Lu Wilson Jun 30
My mind feels

My heart feels

My emotions feel

Life feels

Society feels

The world feels

Everything feels
Life is a lot right now
Lu Wilson Jun 25
Why is your opinion the only one that matters?
So stubborn and unreasonable it causes emotional scatter

My wholesome intentions are now twisted and skewed
Is it so hard to sympathize with another point of view?

I can be two things at once rational and empathetic
Couldn't you then be sensible and sympathetic?

You don't understand, but that doesn't make me wrong
My intentions, rationale and viewpoint also belong  

Guilty for doing what I feel is right and ****** if I don't
You could just be kind and support me, but you won't

You say I have a choice, but I know what that means
An order of silent treatment with a side of love liens

If I'm picking battles this is not one I'm fighting to win
The victory with a punishment that doesn't match the sin

Ultimately, it isn't the end of the world if I don't get my way
Respecting my reasons are not black and white, just simply grey

Even if you can't understand the picture to see my play

I'm tired and just trying my best not to take it to the mat

This time couldn't you just respect and trust me anyway

After all these years...

Haven't I earned that?
Sometimes we just don't see I eye to eye
Lu Wilson Jun 22
The chaos comes in droves, when will she be free
Bad news dropping like bombs on her war-torn psyche

At every turn the pain and suffering looms
The seconds like hours, her life it consumes

It seems this storm has never ending rain
What lessons remain to release her pain

There's a hole in her heart the sorrow has left
No smiles or reprieve, her soul left bereft

She's waiting to break, fold or just slip away
I'm not giving up on her, not ever, not today

Light will re-enter and hope will remain
In her tired heart love will sustain

The rain will stop and the clouds will clear
She will regain control as peace draws near

Joy will return and the mayhem will fade
Healing will come soon, just not today
My dear sister lost a child on Mother's Day and life is also throwing many difficulties her way.
Lu Wilson Jun 19
When you have a problem to which you must commit
Take a step back and just take look at it

You often can't see the forest for the trees most will admit
Things would be  easier if you would just take a look at it

When people are in chaos and throwing a fit
Why can't they take a moment to just look at it?

The power is in your hands if you would only permit
To take the blindfold off and just look at it
Inspired by a very funny friend and you tube video
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