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mark soltero Jul 2021
you don’t want me anymore
the touch of my skin crawls from your insides
what is it baby

you used to love laying next to me
now you stare off when you say I love you
if you’ve fallen out of love with me
please lay down by my side one last time

i know how it feels
you finally typed out that sentence with tears in your eyes
it’s more real than ever

im so sorry you’re hurt
but i still want to hold you
Kailin Biver May 2021
I guess I’m kinda glad that I didn’t tell you all of the things I had to go through.
It’s not like you would understand when hanging out with that kinda crew.

Believe me, I wanted to continue growing up together.
But how could we when everything I feel is but altogether?

You had loved me black and blue.
But in your own way, mentally scarring me, making me want a redo.

We both got some problems
And maybe someday when we cross paths, we won’t have a problem.

So please, pass me that tissue.
Forgive me for needing to vent
The last thing I want to do is resent.
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some memories haunt us to the grave---they never fade:|

I put the space

mere a distance

and air to redeem

for the desk to choke the

fogging steam

heavy unspoken glares of things untold a gleam

nears and approaches some spites that repeat

if walls at least could shout could scream

lines would be spit to the ultimate some tense perched

meant on bits of merged

known subtles

left on the bottles

shaped from knuckles

inherited not chuckles

reds on the addicting muffles

                                                                ­                        ------ravenfeels
Raven Feels Apr 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, some days can be numb:\

in the instant blink of an eye

in the double slow tick of the clock

in the gloomy twitch of the sun

in the unnnotice of the dusk and the dawn

in the raw mere of blur

in the racing droplets down the tub

in the pretentious eyes of red

in the odorless stink of the day

in the companion of numbness

in the tasteless lines of wry disgust  

in the lyrics of merciful peace

Nicole Dec 2020
Forgiving is more than difficult and challenging

But if to not forgive or forget

You will live your life in regret and denial

Resent will build and build

For we are humans for we f*ck up and do things we deeply regret

For not to be excusable but responsible

If to imagine a world with them gone or hurt

Remorse and resent in yourself will imperfectly mix

Building a lifetime of continuous persistent regret

The question being is it worth it to not forgive and forget

For will you ever truly move on?
Nylee Feb 2017
I hate when the my thoughts go there
And I sit and stare
I hate when I get tempted to do that
And I do and regret
I hate when I do not feel content
As I  haven't  lived a sad life.
I hate when I do not know what I resent
But that feeling controls my life
I hate to see that I am not what I wanted to be
Indigo May 2020
I thought I heard hate in your heart
Maybe it’s just me
I flash my teeth to blind my hurt
It doesn’t work
all it does is fade a little
Victoria May 2020
I am the thunder that you never hear,
Suffocated in air and light;
Lightning’s tiger-
(The roar you associate)-

The fighting call;
The alarm,
Rough, harsh slice of the night,

The creature caged,
The light you saw and died in nothing-
Defining silent isolation,
A cage, a room, a tomb-

A buried body still alive,
The suffocation, the air, the light,
The absence,
The void,

How unremarkable I seem from the epitaph, from above,

So high above me, are you, you stand;

You morn me, I am alive,
Alive and buried under and under six feet of fear and anguish-
Of all the pains of past and future,
Of all the unsurety,

I can still assure you;

I am the thunder,

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