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Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2019
That day
When he/she
Read definations of
He/She imagined
What love, could be like?

In no time
With a magical strike
He/She realized
Bond is divine
Felt a need to redefine
What love is.........
Genre: Observational
Theme: Something needs to be redefined
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
Against all odds
If you are with me

I promise
We will redefine
Happiness is
Forever is
Eternity is
Family is
Love is

For what
Our examined life
Will be

Cited for
Genre: Romantic
Theme: For that humbleness like yours, existing defination does not reflect your worth.
Allesha Eman Nov 2018
Between the freshly picked flowers,
and my never ending thoughts.
I found a place to leave my dreams,
So that when I find myself wandering,
Into unknown scapes of remembrance,
I can throw away petals that spell my name.
I’ll stand by the water, my hands full of flowers,
and I’ll throw them into their graves.
Knowing that one day when it all turns around,
They’ll be reborn and I’ll pick them again.
I’ll drift off to sleep and dream of the bay where I would let them go all over again.
Sabila Siddiqui May 2018
Mental illness is rising
Psychologists' career are blooming
Social media is redefining
Making it a beautiful suffering

Sadness has become boring
Misery has become enchanting
Scar has become beauty
Grief has become engaging
Depression has become alluring

Emotions have become art
Heartbreak has become a heart-wrenching song
Pain has become poetry
and mental illness has become a edgy-trending label.

When did they start to disguise agony behind such beauty?
Brooke Olthouse Feb 2018
Heed and Repent fear Wrath thou shalt Regret
Slow to Vent Pay thy rent
Those bent befriend
Cautioun him who chooses defense  
Lend family a helping hand
Live off the land Thou are
Kings and Queens as the Lord
does command
Thus hear my crys
Lessen demands wisely take a stand
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ®️©️ I am your prodigy. Fate has chosen me. Beware.
anotherdream Dec 2017
Your face is perfect,
Hides the reflection,
Of you hurting,
Despite your perfections.

You know distance,
Back by the wall.
I keep drifting,
Can’t hold love’s ball.

Your eyes sing of haze,
Mine cry out why.
No reason to fade,
No reason to die.

Your flaws are perfect,
Redefining wrong.
Only so certain,
Don’t know how long.

You keep me up,
I keep me down.
I want to run,
And never be found.

You may be burned,
Love hurts us all.
My love has turned,
Rejected its call.
Àŧùl Apr 2016
I walk alone,
On the borderline,
I carry it on my mind,
The one that defines society,
And separates out the hermitage,
Some things I'm just afraid to accept,
I just rejected their lies & their bling.
My HP Poem #1060
©Atul Kaushal
craig apogee May 2015
after the last autumnal rainfall has washed away
the remnants of the hurtful summer past
and with it, any residual feelings of want or desire for you
this gloriously mixed with the diversion of my eyes
and recalibration of my heart's attention
i'm still left with this feeling of resentment
and betrayal at your hands
which once knotted so seamlessly in mine

it is from this deeply ingrained feeling
that i know with crestfallen certainty
that i will never call you a friend
no, but you will merely be faintly etched in my memory
as a blemish, a person that i trusted
only to have that trust forged into a dagger
and relief that i did not give you any more of myself
with which you could sharpen it

it is from this realisation that i am forced 
to redefine the trough of this wave called love
highlighting the lowest depths of emotional exploitation
where you expose yourself, bearing your chest open
to another, so that they can have your heart in its entirety
but you encounter the true nature of another's character

a character that you may have only seen glimpses of, if anything
but one that will form their final portrait
in that dark unvisited corner of your mind
for as long as your memory will care to retain it
for the only beauty in betrayal is the subsequent clarity that it entails

— The End —