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Your life was a fast track
                                got you under attack
The system is hacked
                                       Some sick act
I'd told you I'd come back
                        I'm too late matter of fact
Even though you're gone I'm still coming to say goodbye. I said I'd come back and you can hold me to that. R.I.P. Nissa I miss you so much..
Love Craving
Red Flags Waving
Together we are Changing
Lacking correct Training
Experience Gaining
  My life he is Saving
The struggle is real.  Sealing my poetry is not worth your life.
Let me sensually
Visually paint
      What I believe is our fate
     From the love we make
I feel myself shake
Again at heavens gait
My soul you do wake
And my heart you rightfully take
Together we                                
                              ­ Bonded and Paired
Everything we                          
                                    ­Shared                               For each other we                                                                 Cared, Dared,    
When I was
To you I would      
You always knew what I                      
Best friends we had
Never imagined you I would
My­ heart was
                       We were 14+ Years
What went so
Wishing u were here on this sad day  
To take all my pain away
We were best freinds. It was you andme! We were us, not those other stupid prep girls and when you got the chance you left me.  Just expressing that after 14+yrs and all of a sudden being treated like a ghost doesnt feel very good. You Wil forever have a spot in my heart
  Jun 2018 Tabitha Olthouse
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
Tabitha Olthouse Jun 2018
Nope to Cope.                            
                               ­                         Done with Hope.      
                                                     ­                              Only using Rope.                                                  
        Who has a Remote?!                                                         ­                                     Perfected Tying;
                        Finished Crying.
                                                Hanging Dying.
Forget about Dreaming;                                                        ­            
All Night She's Screaming
I own copyrights - Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment
Tabitha Olthouse Apr 2018
Prev-ee-us-lee                 Brayn                  
Sr.Vival   Crucul                        
                                  Bilt  &  Fyt                                    
      Fed Shyt                                  
                   Vilently Hyt
-Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment I own copyrights
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