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Realeboga M May 2
I believe in destiny.
Sure I may come off as anti love and non committal but give me the chance to back my statements up.

I’m anti loving someone when you as a human with a beautiful soul cannot see the lighter aspects of yourself.
I’m anti loving another person when you can’t find love in yourself.
It’s somewhat painful and distasteful to want to receive a perfectly beating heart and give back uncertainty because you can’t love yourself.

I’m non committal because I see it in you.
Doubt, fear on what you could find to be true.
You shadow these thoughts and let them take over you.
You let the past of other people define what you see of me and treat me lesser than them.
I’m non committal because your heart is in lust and your soul is charred and blown to dust.

I believe in destiny.
I believe that in a world exists two or more of our soulmates.
I believe each soulmate is for each specific moment and that a specific two are for a more permanent mark.

Your first soulmate shows and teaches you exactly what your soul has been crying and screaming for.
Your second fulfills that underlying pressure the world has put on you about love.
But your second may never come,
Your first may never leave.

But stay believing in love that is yours and you will be okay.

Im anti love and non committal because if you search for these qualities But can never find them in yourself than that toxicity.
That is inhaling the green and spreading it to the lungs of another.

Have you not seen the love that they are portray?
All in it’s broken and incomplete manner.
How can I be so trustful when love doesn’t reside within ourselves first?
Out of the womb into the microwave.
Lost in it's soup till it pulls you beneath the grave.

Get this woodpecker out of my head,
I can't hear myself think.
It's voice speaks through the radio,
telling me to go build the anti man.

Seeing life through the anti man's eye,
We are all perceiving a lie.
Hold it in your hands,
Wear it on your heads,
Put it in your arm.
You are pushing yourself into place.

We're killing god,
And we're building the anti man.
We are at war,
With our maker!
Toxic yeti Feb 28
I am DNA
I am either a
Source of hate
I am either a
Source of celebration
It all depends on
How you look at
Me..... human DNA.
Allan Mzyece Oct 2018
You were born alone,
and you will basically die alone,
Why can't you live alone?
Why have you replaced your heart for a thorn?
Don't you realise you belong to the throne?
You are complete alone,
but why can't you live alone?
tyja the cat Aug 2018
I hate rules.
I hate rules' rule over me.
I hate rules.
Gnat Aug 2018
See where it gets you?
In the toilet bowl.
Open mouthed,
force fed remains,
gasping ****
instead of air,
grabbing at hair.
stop it stop it!

See where it gets you?
Wrapped up in business
never meant for
your energies,
fitting, in turn,
into crowded

Save me. Save you.
Save me? Save you?

Matter is finite.
I'm of it.
Build your empires.
Believe through the matter,
of course.

I pick myself up from the floor,
and sweep back my soaking mop.


I had a whole day
worse than tonight
just last week.

I'll enjoy my selfishness
while I can,
but thanks.
emmie cosgrove Aug 2018
Three or four summers ago
Childhood friends to become something more
You waited patiently for me,
To be charmed by your humour
And musicality
It happened in the moment
On your blue and gold sofa
I thought we had something
As our lips intertwined
We lost track of time
But you used me
Saw I was broken
Abused me
First kiss
Oh how I miss
Your twisted excuses
To try and
***** me,
**** me,
get in my pants
But you burnt out quicker than a cigarette
On a windy day
And this poem is the last bit of smoke you have burning
And now I shall stomp you out
Your last bit of light
First kiss
First miss

Wyatt Jun 2018
All of my heroes are slowly dying out. Their skin wrinkles and their souls wither. When I am in my lonesome, after the last funeral comes to a close, what will I channel with your wisdom? You see, you’re a hero to me. You’re somebody I look up to, but I am still in the middle. Still so easy to corrupt, still so full of expectation, still so disconnected from society. When the last of you leave me for good, who will speak of your legacy? My last reasons for living will no longer be of this Earth. I may decide to follow you when you go, because I am no hero as you are. I am a neutral character, an anti-hero at best. No legacy will befall me.
It saddens me.
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