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i'm a crownless queen
left to wander the wastes
searching for a princess
with whom i can replace
if your damaged and just out of a relationship, allow me to make you feel worse by first pretending to make you better
Liz Feb 12
I am a library book
Borrowed and temporary
But loved and kept safely
Only to be returned the next day
When another book replaces me

I am your pair of shoes
I follow you and support you no matter what
But once you see a hole you deem me worthless
You think I don't feel bruises
But you throw me away
To love another pair more

I am your best friend
I'll be with you till the end
But that's come and gone
When you met the love of your life and moved on
Don't get me wrong, I'll always be your friend
I'm happy for you and I should be
But I can't help but think
"What about me?"
mjad Feb 6
I thought I deleted you
Actually that's not true
It's been 6 years now
That I've been messing with you
When will one of us get another
To take the place as a lover
Because we aren't in love
We just kiss each other
Jule Nov 2019
What a shame
That we’re not the same
Isn’t that what they say?
But what I feel
You do too
Every good and every pain
A heavy vibration
Turns in to weight
A feeling of yearning
I can not replace
Jules Oct 2019
I heard you singing by the water
It wet my eyes with the pain
I know it's hard because you loved her
That's something I couldn't erase

Is it alright if I sit here?
Just for a while
Because I know that you miss her
You can't replace that smile
I'm ready for war
I'm ready for war
Let's start the campaign
Send me out on my tour

A challenge to those
up ahead and before
Struck me hard in the face
Knocked me down on the floor
A pathetic disgrace
Left me ****** and sore
Want so bad: I can taste
Change what happened before

I'm not knocking this time
Gonna kick down that door
You'll get yours; I'll get mine
Trust me, this much is sure
Can't explain or define
A disease without cure
Sweet revenge comes to mind
Want to open that door

But inside I will find
Same mistakes as before
Time to leave that behind
I can be so much more
Won't succumb; Not this time
Like a lion I roar
Life has costs; Paid the fine
I've been given the tour

One directive - 'be kind'
Having this, never poor
'Cause my pockets are lined
Can not buy at the store
Pierces through window blinds
Bubbles up from the floor
Search not needed to find
Fills me up in my core

All the planets aligned
A lost ship finding shore
Couldn't see 'cause it's blind
Spent my life looking for
Granted gift when it's time
A full rainbow is poured
Open heart; Open mind
To the heavens I soar
Sorry I've been a little MIA again. There are messages and comments I want to reply to (and will be doing so very soon). As well as diving into and reading the many brilliant creative pieces that have been created and shared. I have a bunch of poems that are "done" but still in 'draft' status. This is one I wrote a while back and since I haven't been really active I thought I would share something new. I hope you are all well. I plan on spending some time on here and interacting again very soon. =)

Written: May 22, 2019

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
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