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EmVidar Mar 12
I wonder
when I switched
into the poisonous snake
you've claimed me to be
I wonder if
I was always that way
you just helped show me
or if you were the cause
Because He tells me
that there is only good
when you told me
their was only pain,
and suffering,
and heartache, but
that didn't matter
Because I did not feel and you
were what was good for me
despite all the flaws you would point out
you claim that your love was
and I  would find no one else
that would love the broken mess
that I had become
and when you shattered me more
in hopes of keeping me
in your little box
He stormed in
and let me out
and waited
until I was ready
to accept his
type of love
CJ Feb 10
Can I love again?
only broken

Can I love again?
only lonely

Can I love again?
only unhappy

Will there be anyone who can replace
where you stood in my heart..
Will I ever love someone else as much as I loved you...
Quin Rosenheart Dec 2018
"Go away"
I beg you to stay.

"It's your fault!"
I'm the one to blame.

"I'll replace you!"
I can't go on without you.

"I hate you!"
I love you.
Gianna Nov 2018
i just realized how
and unimportant
i am
to you
why won't you talk to me?
You left me but i found you again in my poems.
the claws of
these poems
scratching into
the eyeballs
of blank faces,

faces holding onto
beliefs and propaganda,
and politicians and positions,
faces holding onto
justice and an outlook and
occupations and opinions
faces holding onto
****** victories and wisdom
and problems and grudges
fearful of losing
what little they have
with their incisive
expression of style and
evacuating their poisons
into conversations
into people.

but someone will be
there to replace you,
sleeping in your bed,
filling in at your job,
preaching morality
while the ******
are singing
in their showers
and someone who
you don’t know
will shovel dirt
2 yards into the
ground onto your
decomposing body
so let it all go
and just be

who knew that these
assortment of words,
arranged in peculiar ways
would save me
and get me this far?

but how much more
am I willing to go?

I’ve been living with the dead
and dead to the living
for so long,
there is
no more
fs yousaf Jun 2018
After our quarrels,
I do believe that it is
a combination of nostalgia
and fear that bring us back together.
We know that an image of another person
can never replace the memories
we have made,
and we fear that one of us
may become happier than the other
if we truly end.
I don't know whats happening but I hope we end up happy
kk Jun 2018
You don't want to be in my photos.
That’s fine, a thumbtack will stay in your place
You don't want to be in my videos.
That’s fine, I can trim, cut, edit
Until your shadow is completely erased
You don't want to be in my life.
That’s fine with me.
Now you have no one left. Is that fine with you?
Dog Years Jun 2018
He said...
I'll replace your mirrors
So whenever you look into me
you'll know
You are beautiful
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