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Ayin Medina Jun 2016
Now that I'm dead
I'll never hear what you'll say
when you stand
there, with my "loved ones"
when you speak the words of
that you
never said when
we stand under that falling rain
when you didn't notice
the tears falling from my eyes
when you decided to leave me there
and chose to say the words of
I don't want you to lie
to my family
to yourself
on how you'll always remember me
because I believe
that our moments were buried
more than six feet under the ground
than my soon to be rotting body
Ayin Medina Jun 2016
I've been through a lot of "game overs"
There are times that I feel like I won
But all I can remember
Is hitting my remaining lives
To this game
That i kept playing for years
By myself
I'm tired of losing another life
Another part of me just to lose again
Cause I entered this journey to win
Not to just play around
So please this is my last life to keep me going
And I'm gonna take the risk on putting it on you
So if this will not work out,
Don't forget the reset button
Ayin Medina Jun 2016
I live in a small town
I see people wandering the streets
I hear people singing songs
I  watch people dancing
There are neighbors telling stories from yesterday
Though this place seems perfect
Here I am
Longing for you
And I am willing to trade this perfect town
In my sweet haven
I found
In you
Ayin Medina May 2016
I saw him bleeding;
I used to care
Now I felt nothing;
And that's when I loved myself
Ayin Medina May 2016
I trust science,
I'm fascinated
By how this body
Works and
Depends on this
Blood-pumping muscle
That's why somehow
I don't believe in
Until I saw you
Walking but seems so
How can he be so fine???
Ayin Medina May 2016
He loves sports
Online games
He plays almost everything
It just so happened
That his favourite
To play
My *emotion
Ayin Medina May 2016
I wish I could **** you
but these laws...
so I'd put
my thoughts
my mind and
my dying wish to see you
to the graves
and not you
but i guess that's just same thing
less ******
at least in your part.
Ayin Medina May 2016
I wonder why you keep
telling all your friends
you'll be
forever alone
well i'm also alone here
my love
and we can enjoy
being alone together
but then i realised
we're both too broken
to fix each other
we need a whole
or maybe not just a whole
to fill this emptiness
in our lonely hearts
Ayin Medina May 2016
The sound of heartbreak
Don't sound like a mirror
fell into the ground
It don't sound like a glass
A glass pulled to the ground by gravity
The sound of heartbreak
still sounds the same
Our sense of hearing
has nothing to do with heartbreaks
Cause if you want me to describe it,
I'll still use the broken
mirror and glass
but I'm gonna use
my sense of sight
this time
Ayin Medina May 2016
I guess I can lose more weight
because of you
I always run to you
You are my goal in this journey they call love
And now,
my heart seems more tired
chasing after you
than jogging 3 kilometers
i wish i can hate you like i hate jogging
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