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Dylan McFadden Jul 2019
I remember...

The night my Daddy gave me his t-shirt,
And I wore it to bed

It smelled like him,
It felt like him,
It clothed me totally,
And made me feel so small

And now, it was mine!
And I loved it so...

And Daddy said to me:
"One day, you'll grow up into Daddy's t-shirt..."

But the years came and went,
And Daddy's t-shirt still didn't fit...

...More and more so,
But never perfect

And even today,
As I've become a Daddy myself,
My Daddy's t-shirt wears quite large

But it's still mine.

And it still covers me.

And I remember what Daddy said,
And this I know with all my heart:

One day, it shall fit perfectly.

ShowYouLove Sep 2016
Love one another clothed now in Christ
Morning draws near to cast out the night
Things done in secret no longer can hide
Thorns in his brow and spear in his side
Love beyond measure, peace like a flood
Washed white as snow by his precious blood

Love your neighbor as yourself showing kindness to all
Work together in unity lest we may fall
Wrap yourself with truth and justice put on peace and grace
With wisdom and understanding we might know and see his face
The Word is our sword and faith is our shield
On our knees we steel ourselves on the holy battlefield

Clothed now in Christ we look to the sky
And together, with one voice, we cry
Lord, banish the darkness and show us the way
The sun is rising bringing forth a new day
The war is over Jesus has won
But here once again the battleā€™s just begun
Adapted from Romans 13:8-14 and Ephesians 6:10-18
"With that body you should get whatever you want"
And I am not just this body.
With this body I hold a heart that has loved flesh stretched across continents
A beating monster misunderstood but listened too, with teeth rigid and shined like opal or mother of pearl
A pounding prophecy promising something else, something else, something else is waiting beyond every time I have felt for the off switch with tired eyes
With this body I hold a mind stark in its quest for answers
One that does not settle on maybes or tomorrow or partial answers
A mind persistent in its pursuit for wholeness for oneness for connection to other tanks of skin covered bones with minds and hearts that beat and pound and pursue just as hard
With this body I hold a soul that is as vast as the cosmos.
Stardust sunken in long necked jars lining across my ribs whispering answers that my mind cannot read and my heart is not yet ready to see
This body homes a soul that is part moon, part star, part divinity.
One that finds its homes along stretch marks and supple flesh alike
One that is not dictated by the way I clothe or unclothe my skin
With this body I should get whatever I want because this body is a home and it has never been empty.

— The End —