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Bailey Nov 2019
White Walls
Bleed black
Blood spreads
Dark as night
Not real
Make my nightmares
Like the light
Bailey Nov 2019
Things with wings
So free
Go wherever
Do whatever they please
Just free
But my wings
Were cut
With the knifes
Of my friends
These holes in my back
Act as my reminder
That even friendship
Has a price
Bailey Nov 2019
My ears bleed
From the screams
So loud
Hold my hands
Quiet now
Pull away
What was once
Red like love
Is now gray
Bailey Oct 2019
Our sky
So blue
Horizons rise
Night sky cool
Peace will come
To ease our sky
And one day
Red will rise
Instead of blue
Bailey Sep 2019
I look up
My blue sky
Turns gray
Look down
My green grass
Goes gray
Look forward
As my soul
Drifts away
And my world
Turns gray
Bailey Aug 2019
It crawls through my head
It sneaks into my dreams
It whispers lies to my heart
It's the demon I wish dead
It is
Bailey Aug 2019
Bubbles fly
High from my sky
Maybe now
It's my time
To fly
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