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Bailey Dec 2022
I'd do anything to make them stop
Over and over these intrusive thoughts
But my demon has a tight hold
And she's not letting go
Bailey Jun 2022
Would anybody even notice?
A missing narcissist
Bailey Jun 2022
I think about it everyday now
It's like a nightmare that follows me to the day
When I can sleep anyway

It sticks in the back of my mind like a cancer
Even in my happiest moments I still think about it

It would be so easy
All I have to do is pull the trigger
Yet here I am living with it
Bailey May 2022
Birds sound in the distance
Closed eyelids stain red
Sunlight brushes tanned skin
Smells of grass fill the air

A moment of content
Short but sweet
In this ending moment of peace
Bailey Mar 2022
There will be no more arguing
No more name calling
No more stress
Things will move smoother
No more worrying
No more panic

Things will get better
When I'm gone
Bailey Mar 2022
Is it physical
Is it emotional
Is it metaphorical

Does it matter
Because in the end
It still bleeds
Bailey Feb 2022
Tonight I had a conversation with the stars
They let me know my space is needed
I listened close and agreed
This space is no longer for me
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