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Madisen Kuhn Feb 25
there is a modest
one-story home
with white stucco walls
and a red tiled roof
waiting for me somewhere
near a floridian beach.

the yard is flat and dry.
some days, i’ll lie there
on top of a patterned quilt
in a two-piece
hand over brow
reading a thick memoir
on loan from the library
that sits on the other side
of the brush, beyond
the wooden fence.

winter will just be a memory.
every week, my toenails
will sink into the sand
wearing a different shade of pink.
i will not fold away
my sundresses and shove them
under the bed.
they will only leave
their wooden hangers
to be worn and washed.

time simply records the falling
and growing and falling of things.
one of these days,
i will be the budding lily
pushing up dirt
to greet the other side with
all of the beauty
i am ready to be.

i have fallen enough.
Seanathon Nov 2018
Think as if JJ Abrams is watching
Speak as if alone
Be true to you amongst all the sounds
That way your presence will resound
And to yourself, you'll always be known
how to
solfang Jul 2018
how can I envision the future,
when I'm stuck in the present,
dwelling on my past.
I find it hard to plan or foresee my future because I can't handle the things on my hand now. I blame my past memories for all of this
hxrvld May 2018
the sparkles made from crashed ocean enlighten me the beauty of you,
I’ll hold your mask and drown it in the sea,
Pearls of oxygen shine under the blue moon,
I wish to see the true self of you,
Despite we could be the same element,
Yet different particle, different chemical,
Envision you, obsession turns to contentment,
The serenity of my restless soul,
Silk howl of your alpha desire,
I am willing to fulfill everything,
As long you hold my hand
and never let it go.
Carlos Nov 2017
Unconditioned to channeling the inner parody,

Actualizing the adaption of an animal apt for apathy, actively act in atrophy.

The vessel a fractured vapid faculty,

Of exactly the amount of human trapped in how not to be.

Lock and key, the property you deem your thoughts; a metropolis of atrocities.

Listen, don't listen, push and pull the pensive pistons,

Re-position, your decisions, until you got what you'd envisioned.
Raegan Meyer Jun 2017
she sat there
with the disk whirring
in her laptop's DVD player.
the movie wouldn't play
because of some internal flaw
and she stared blankly
at the computer screen.
her bowl full
of potato salad
on the desk next to her frozen body.
her chest rising and falling
her eyes glassy
zoned out
to another place.

the pills she's supposed to take
to keep herself healthy
sit on the desk next to her bowl
of unfinished potato salad.
6/4/2017. it's all because of you.
Luis Paris Jan 2015
Imagine being alone and free
Surrounded by lovely flowers and beautiful trees
Barefoot, and the grass tickles your feet
Nature all around you, what a treat

The wind blows in between your toes
In your hand is a thornless rose
The sweet aroma drifts into your nose
In this place there are no miseries or woes

Fast forward to a sandy beach
Many delightful seashells are within your reach
You feel the grainy sand as you grab a seashell with your hand
The waves gently crash onto the soft sand

The ocean gleams as the sun shines bright
But as you stare, mesmorized, it becomes night
The stars sparkle and the ocean glistens in the moonlight
And there's nothing in this world that could feel more right

— The End —