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Silence Screamz Feb 2016
I live in tangerine dreams
Tripping on acid
with Lucy and her diamonds in the sky

Shh, listen as the vinyl is ripped backwards
Warped demonic voices echo through our tranced souls
We have all done it

Studio 54,  New York City, 1971
Dancing half *****, sweat drenched men
Grinding upon every inch of their manhood
Lines of coke snorted off the mirror fueled by alcohol induced *** in the bathroom
We wanted to do it
But never had the *****

Never take this tangerine dream away from me
Let me eat the clouds, let it taste like cotton candy
Let it stick to my fingers , as I try to lick the sugar molecules off every one of my digits
I know everyone has done that

I hear Bowie in the background,
the spiders came from Mars
and ate my soul and it didn't hurt
Do you know The Man who sold the world?
I don't !!
A little 70s trip to the past
Ronald J Chapman Dec 2014
A dream has come true today.

Dressed in white, with a blue scarf,
Everything seems just cool as can be,
Looking so sweet to see.

An Angel sits on a tall chair, In front of a microphone.

Glass walls have ears, and there are no hands on the clock.

Happy as can be.
The Angel sings with a;
soulful, beautiful, sweet, pure, powerful, strong, pure, upbeat, lush, charismatic, different,  appealing...

To children.
From out of the book of Worship
She sings of love, hope and friendship,

On this dreamy day.

Copyright © Ronald J Chapman All Rights Reserved.

— The End —