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PoserPersona Jun 2018
Black and white country
Novel youths hitchhike state sites
Kodak Kodachrome
Digital photos
Novel youths hitchhike websites
Black and white country
can someone like me be wrong?
what if
my wrong answer
was just that wrong all along?

because i want to shove you away
say "*******" or "don't"
before you ever
had a chance to say

that you love me or
you will stay
or not stray or
whatever the **** helps you not be alone

was it really just me?
was i all in your mind?
do you stalk me?
do you care?

my heart hurts
and it, i guess
it really doesn't matter
so i'll look away

but not tomorrow
tomorrow you are still real
and tomorrow, uhm, i'm too busy
because tomorrow i have planned for me
while you have her
and isn't that funny?
because i will always have me,
but maybe you won't
the day after that
or the day after that...
i've never felt further away from my best friend, until he wasn't. and all i want to be is who i was before...but i can't. i can only press forward, stronger. with or without. you, my lovely self, have my heart and soul. brianna. you are worth it. you are worth the world <3

— The End —