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noor Sep 2021
we play, we play, we play

we play with peoples hearts
we play them like a game

we play with our grades
and end up working like maids

we play with our teachers
giving them a hard time
who cares though, cause whose time are they really wasting?
its mine, its mine, its mine!

we think high schools a joke,
so lets all just play!

we think friendships are fun,
we make a friend, and dump one!

we are pretty, pretty, pretty
and thats all that matters, really

looks and body counts, boys, and purging out

this wont matter in 4 measly years,
so lets all just have fun and enjoy these useless couple of years!
i was seething with anger while typing this
noor Apr 2021
“How much do you love me, 1/10?”

1/10? My love cannot be scaled, measured, or counted.
For it is endless, lasting longer than this dying planet
My love is like the continuous flow of the ocean
My love is like a refreshing glass of water.
My love is spilling through the rims of the cup, overflowing everything around it.
My love is so big, so real, so pure.
My love is 1/infinity. Limitless.
When i say i love you, i mean it.
I mean it more than from just my heart,
I mean it as our souls intertwine.
For we are soulmates, and forever we will be.
My love is never ending, so you’re stuck with me.
i write about love although im not even near being in love
noor Mar 2021
i was
falling in love
but love is blind
and blurs our vision
because eventually we all
fall off the high clouds that love brings us to
and we are always left with scars
that will bleed
until someone else
decides to bandage me up
and bring me back
to those
high, high clouds.
noor Mar 2021
sadness begins to feel
when happiness begins to feel
does happiness even exist
noor Mar 2021
i smelled your rose
and thought of you

you smelled my rose
and thought of her

i grabbed your rose
grasping onto the thorns
not caring the blood that flowed

you held my rose
and dropped it
as soon as the prickly thorn
poked your soft skin

you dropped it
and grasped hers instead
noor Mar 2021
you gave me a flower
as it bloomed into a beauty

my flower was beautiful
it shone brightly under the sun
conveying its beauty to everyone

my flower smelled so sweet
that even the honeybees would come around
thinking it was a treat

but soon

the petals on my flower
began to darken

the petals on my flower
began to wilt

and finally

the petals on my flower
fell off
one by one

reminding me that
something so beautiful and sweet

will always be temporary
noor Mar 2021
i keep thinking
this is it
ive hit rock bottom

but im always proved wrong
by this endless pain
and this endless fall
still falling
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