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noor 5d
i look up at the moon
wondering if you're seeing the same
or if you're seeing the sun
but one day
we will see the same
one day
we will be under the same roof
in the same bed
as lovers
who use to see different
i felt embarrassed writing this.
noor Feb 9
we all were humans until
race separated us
the money in our bank accounts classified us
religion divided us
we all bleed the same
so why cant we see the same?
noor Feb 6
ive seen things through other peoples eyes
but now it is time
that i go out and venture into the world
with the two i have been gifted
i need to see this stuff on my own and have my own opinion on things
noor Jan 28
do not ever ask permission to start a revolution
noor Jan 12
your voice
was like a lullaby
that put me
into a peaceful sleep
every night
but now
you are an absentee
i sleep unperturbed
because my lullaby
is the only one
that i need
there was so many ways i wanted to word this and i feel like i could write this 10 different way and they would all have a different meaning. but thats the cool thing about poetry. it can mean whatever you want it to mean. i could think it means this and you could think it means that. and its not like one or the other is wrong, because everyone thinks differently so i could have a different perspective on something from you or the next person. just a thought.
noor Jan 11
roses are red
violets are blue
ill never love someone the way i love you

not all roses are red
and violets will never be blue
ive come to realize
that youll never love me the way i love you
noor Jan 7
i am scared
of what you all think of me
that i am not real poet
that what i create is not good enough
that what i write is not valid
"this is not what you call poetry!
this is just a sad sad tale
called your life"
i dont know where this is all coming from but i just started feeling really insecure in all of my work all of a sudden...
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