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aha May 2021
the flowers that grow on the trees
look like
muted explosions
but not malicious enough to hurt the eye

the flowers are so tender and soft
and all i can see is nature's true beauty
as the gentle breeze animates the trees

we're standing in my driveway
and it's a vivid spring day

pastel tones tones
swaying lightly in the wind
their sweet fragrance is
only noticeable if you are close

close enough to disregard
the fact that you have allergies and asthma and should
not inhale pollen...

close enough that when you reach out and
touch the branch the impossibly small petals
break free and fall slowly to the ground. . .

close enough that i watch as the petals brush your face
and you are,
for the minute,

at peace.
🌸 cherry blossom trees are so beautiful in the spring, i just had to write a poem about them. 🌸
Michael R Burch Mar 2020
by Michael R. Burch

You came to me as rain breaks on the desert
when every flower springs to life at once,
but joy’s a wan illusion to the expert:
the Bedouin has learned how not to want.

Keywords/Tags: Water, rain, desert, oasis, flower, joy, life, illusion, Bedouin, expert, oasis, mirage
Toxic yeti Mar 2019
As the girl wondering
Away for her mother
Lured not by evil
But by the beauty
Of the spring blossoms.
Bryan Oct 2017
Nature sees what nature sees,
And nature does what nature does.
Minds believe in memories
And sometimes hearts believe in love.
When hearts and minds do both agree,
Conceived are dreams converged as one,
But love of life and logic leaves
Our livelihoods left out of luck.

Deceived are these who dream of things
Composed of money, grease, and blood:
Mechanical beings, with cogs and springs,
Like clockwork do this planet run.
In tightened shifts, devices click,
And slowly start to smog the sun,
But smoke and fog made synthetically,
How many does this bother? None.
Machines, you see, they do not breathe
The air they leave beneath for us.
They call this craft their politics,
And leave us here to pay in blood.
One by one, by one, we wonder,
Where the humans lost their love.

When will men begin to see
What nature sees how nature does?
Jack Jenkins Jul 2017
warm rocky outcrops
lead to hot springs below
a pleasant respite
Alan S Bailey Oct 2016
This dark twilight world of crystal clear
Envisioned skies, stars shimmering in the
Limelight of the Milky Ways crest,
Where worlds collide and whole stars reborn
Again like phoenix rising from the ashes...

You found me

In the back of a pickup truck making out?
No. That isn't what love is about.

In the alley way shooting up?
OF COURSE NOT, quite evil enough.

In some boring business meeting where
Nature is an abomination, even an evil?
Never could I imagine...

In an exotic tropic region, near the glistening springs,
Hills green and gleaming flowers still fresh with dew...
Yea, a bit wild. Sorry to dis boring business suits, but lets face it, IT *****!
tabitha Mar 2016
i, a textilian*,
politely clambered up the faces of mountains
as the valley revealed herself to me
her ready desert face, waiting
to be devoured by ravenous, wandering eyes
the nape of her neck, her chest, her thighs,
slowly~ and all at once

but i, the textilian, drowsily slipped under soft shade
it was only a brook but, it felt like a wave
and the deep creek carries me away,
then brings me back, to this sacred place....
it is nice to wake up to the sun
in your face

until slowly, and all at once, i was awake
and my clothes were on the ground
letting sweet redemption crawl back into my pores
beneath that sky, between those rocks
giving my self away
no mystery, just us three
just hello

hence i, the ex-textilian,
like a newly-molted reptilian
more like an undressed chameleon
in all my ecstatic toughness and alcoholic delirium
have learned more about what it is to be naked
than i've known since i was born
slowly~ and all once
get naked

*textilian: term coined off of Richard, a 64 year old LA biz retiree, desert dweller, and nudist ~ this is what he called us when we arrived at the Springs wearing clothes.

adventure is good for the soul.
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