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Maja Mar 18
what a beautiful person,
what a beautiful view
what a beautiful feeling,
to be here with you
Just a short poem about nothing at all.
Well, maybe about the random feelings of happiness I sometimes get.
Jieun Mar 8
you said
you would
love all of

but instead
you loved
the person
i pretend to be
Luna Pan Mar 5
i'm a dizzy person
i don't know if i'm living or not
i don't know who i am or who i was
i don't know if i'm remembering or forgetting
i don't know if i'll ever be get rid of this
all i know is something hazily flows between my mind and my soul
if you want to be a better person
start with your family
pay for the dinner
buy new clothes for mama

if you want to be a better person
don't forget to pray
put God first
leave some money in the mosque
they told me to start morning walk
stop sleeping to much and eat more

but if I want to be a better person ,
only I can make myself a better person
healthier and prettier
Alex Mars Mar 4
Arsenic in my personality traits
I’m not unique
But I’m hardly the same
I try to make myself heard
but I'm just the same as everyone before me
I just wish
I could do something
my own
I manipulate the people I love
I gaslight myself
make them feel bad
make them cry
Make them think that I will remember them in my future
half of them I will forget
the other half will end up a painful memory
I miss them like I've grown up already
I want to help
But no one helps by lying
attention seeking
help me
Ash C Mar 4
As I sit here and look at you
I can't say whether I'm close to you or not
We grew up together
So how could you feel so close but not?
You're right there
In front of me
With me
Here with me
My deepest thoughts are yours as much as yours mine!
Behind closed doors
To the people who talk to me in my vulnerability
I say what I couldn't to you
This is quite personal. Based off what I feel with this person. We know each other inside and out, but I feel like somethings in the way.
I don’t know how to say that I’m not okay
Without feeling like a burden on someone’s day
I think other people feel the same
I think it best to keep my words in a safe
Do you see the state of the world?
It’s a stage that’s all burnt
All’s broken and nothing works
Look at our leaders
Gaining it all at the expense of all the teachers
Look at my features
I think that I’m a four maybe at best a five
And yet I wonder what the hell am I doing alive
I feel like I’m a waste
When there are others who would love to be in my place
As if I don’t know that.
I’m not good at anything
Or at least not something profitable
But I won’t dare send myself to a hospital
If it ain’t something painless
I’m not gonna spend life making payments on my medical fees
I’m not at ease
The woman in the mirror’s saying “help me, please”
But where do I begin?
I know it’s something I must do from within.
I don’t know where else to put this. Or how else to say this. But it needs to leave my mind
A S T E R I A Feb 27
Petulant in her bedrock,
Serene in the eyes of the crowd,
Alas! Oblivion but not.
all poetry is personal
some more than others

to just spread out your private feelings
     in your verse
may not be everyone's delight

but if you choose words
so that the many find their voices
    in your own
you may be lucky
to achieve all poets' dreams

your personal voice
becomes the public
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