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Samuel Hesed Apr 2017
My Website:

Hello wonderful and beautiful people on Hellopoetry.

I'm here to ask you wonderful people to read my poetry website and tell me what you think about it! Honestly, I would love the insight from people who are passionate about poetry and writing.

Sense, I have been on this website for sometime now, I have read many amazing poems and creative writing post from some of the most amazing people! And, through your writing I have been inspired, amazed, intrigued, and blessed. Therefore, I thank you all for inspiring me everyday.
Love you all!
Samuel Hesed Feb 2017
She sat looking out to the world that didn't belong to her
She knew what many did not see that this pain that dwells within us had room in her.
She knew that we were wolves digging in the dirt looking for scraps while she stood watching from above. She knew this life, this world, these desires was not for her.
She was waiting for the day that she did not need to feel this anymore.
She was waiting for the last time to hear the screams of men outside the window frame.

When I looked at her, I believed that they're could be day where the streets are paved with sinners blood and the hearts of men were filled with hope again.
When I looked at her, the world didn't seem so big or small. The world just seemed free for all.
When I looked at her, I felt the wind carrying me to the beyond. Where the sun and moon danced beyond the clouds. I saw a world of pain flout away. I felt my soul within me fall into a forever slumber dreaming of beauty's that seduced my hunger.
When I looked at her, I was lost in her wonder.

The books that stood in font of her told stories about us.
about the dreams we made for ourselves-
the promises we made to each other-
and the lies we told one another.
Oh, how we dreamed of days were the Savior would take us away.
oh, how we believed that we would be okay in his embrace.

We saw ourselves as the lucky ones-
the ones who didn't listen to the people outside our window.
we would stand taller, above their throats with pride in our eyes-
knowing that we made it-
knowing that we were the lucky ones in this life.

She turned her head away from the frame, to stare at me.
I could not breath
I could not think while her eyes were fixed on mine.
Those beautiful summer eyes reminded me of the grass, the sun, the moon, and the stars.
Those eyes could tell a story that you knew was a lie, but you dared to believe it so you didn't have to look away.
This stare could make any man fall to his knees praying to a man above the trees.
Oh, what her eyes could do to me.

With a smile, her head dropped, and her eyes met the canvas that was placed in her presence.

She began to write again. So gentle, so smooth did her hand dance on top of canvas.
In this moment, I knew she was far beyond my reach.
She vanished and all I could do was wait for her to return back to this dream. But, all I could do was wait among these savages that stood outside our window frame. While, she tango within her reality.

Don't worry, I wasn't left with hate. No, I was left with love.
I knew that our fates were intertwined.
I knew that she could not leave this world without saying goodbye.
I knew that our love was bigger than I
I knew that the world that stood outside that wooden frame was nothing more than dream that soon had an end.

We knew that our love was more than the riches that the world had to offer.
we knew that our love could not be taken
We knew that our love was unshaken.
We knew that our love was true.

Therefore, when you return from reality,
remember to tell our story so that the angels can sing of our glory.
Don't worry my darling,
I will be waiting for you here within the doorway.
Dreaming my life away.*

The End
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Samuel Hesed Feb 2017
Hello, everyone on Hellopoetry!

Interestingly, I have just created a website that has my poetry, short stories, and articles that I have written throughout my life.
Hopefully, you take sometime and check it out! Thank you:
Samuel Hesed Dec 2016
Humans are something that amazes me every single day. Their sparks of genius in the most peculiar of places. Their passion to do the impossible, and their love to be better than before. Though, like any creation with a consciousness, it tends to lose its way. War, death, pain, and suffering brings out the worst parts in the human heart. For it will come a day where these things fade from existence and they see beyond the crystal sea. They will push away the mud from their eyes and embrace one another, and their souls will be cleansed by purist blood. Again, I must not dwell on a future to come, but ask myself the question, *“What will I do in this life so that the human race can reach the promise place?”
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Dec 2016
Ever got lost in the pages of a story, just to find yourself wrestling between reality and a daydream or a nightmare? Slowly, your mind loosens its grip and surrenders to the narractive. Now, the story which was the dream becomes your reality, and reality becomes the nightmare.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Nov 2016
Today, I went to see my old friend.
Someone who has been by my side sense the beginning.

He has walked with me through the trials in mylife.
He has taught me how to dance on the edge of a knife.

Though, he does not speak -
I still listen.
He does not move.
I still march.
He has no arms.
I still let him in.

His embrace-
is the gift of grace.

He does not have treasures-
that you and I could measure.
He gives you the pleasure of an adventure.

Its hard to believe that its been so long,
But time has made us only strong.

Thank you for showing me how to be free.
Thank you for introducing me to the trees.

For its always been a journey to have a Road for a friend.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Samuel Hesed Nov 2016
When she smiles at me,
I feel the winds kiss-
on my lips.

When she smiles at me,
I reminisce-
the sounds of the trees.

When she smiles at me,
I feel free.
Copyright © 2015 Paul Forbes All Rights Reserved
Dedicated: To Marie Miscou-Roy
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