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Brian Ong Jun 2019
A pair, north and south
Whose love cancels each one’s doubts
Find their way, always
a haiku
Shofi Ahmed Apr 2019
So what if the sky
won't let you walk away
with a patch of the blue sky.
Catch that slip through
the fingers close by
'a pair of butterflies'.
It does a matter whether
you say there is or there is none
truth is a piece of heaven is on earth!
Kaeli Hearn Oct 2018
I feel inspired by the way the bright yellow and deep red leaves fall and as they do they swing dance with the wind as they grace the floor

I feel inspired by the way the black and white keys correlate to make sweet harmonies

I feel inspired by the way the wind and waves creates surges, carrying life within them

I feel inspired by the stars and the moon. How one cannot be full without the other. Each giving a different kind of light, but together give a different kind of brightness

I feel inspired by the snow and treetops; how the light fall of the chilled ice create a spectacle of beauty that glitters in the sunlight

I feel inspired by the city and the lost souls within; as the smoke from their cigarette permeates the air. For this smell is a staple of the city

I guess I am inspired by this deep feeling of connection; togetherness in all of its raw forms
Sparkyxox Oct 2018
The leaves of a vine, always together
Inseparable, closer than ever
Flowers of memories blooming bright
Lively and joyous
Two little doves taking flight
With the help of each other
They roamed the skies
Snow white cloud's gentle greetings
The leaves of the trees waved back
Deep in the forests, something changed
Tigers growl, birds don't sing
A burning sensation heated the jungle
Spreading to every tree
Burning every vine
The flowers that once bloomed
were now black and withered
Doves of the sky went their separate ways
To save themselves
Without a goodbye or take care
Clouds darkened, hovering emotionlessly
The leaves rustled with annoyance
This is the end
Things started out great. Everything was perfect, until something changed.
My mind becomes cluttered.
Since I was a kid.. the simplest of thoughts add on  top of one another.

even though there is a big lack of stimulus
Like a television with one hundred channels demanding "A  view"
the "medical clicker" is lost and your brain seem's "too full to align with clearing itself back to  complicity..".
You are full in the head..newer ideas are next to impossible
temperament becomes askew
The "treatment" is "stimulus"
the doctors mistake such as "mania"
Since a hyperactive child never grows..the energies never cease, as well.
Blind eyes, who fail to "look outside an unorganized box of practioner's recycled thoughts,"
could ever help (neither the victim nor the prescribe)
to place on the right pair of glasses
Such failed views .. clarity.. shall never be  something that  they "see" in order "to grow" or are willing to "grow with" refusing newer education and treatment grounds  
An open page of a "still unfinished book"
Such meanings
which all who need to be "open eyed" enough to be able to show them in order "for  them to ever  know"
To teach the afflicted
"How to channel the energies and the focus"
as you mind's eyes are "in need of glasses"
Give the wrong treatment
and the medicine can burn out clearer views
than the regimens he's tried and deemed "the only one"
Not one size fits all
Look to the old, however, might be a mix with the new?
"Not every remedy is addictive or harmful"
"nor does one pair of glasses clear the visions of all.."

just as these so called "experts say"
to " save your life is the quota"
not "how many cases in which the practitioners have half-way  saved.. walking on save  their own careers"

It makes another successful life
from a once cluttered mind
to loyalty and honor of the one who had helped him
Such a a once lost patient does keep in his now "clearer mind."
Who cared more for the advancement and quality of life of the one who asked for his "helpful hands"
Not "Magic hands"
"openness" is always the "better mixture" of "pills and therapy"
The vision cure that always seems to be the math equation that leads to successful medical group and their great sounding cliche and "medical change and reprimands."
Not afraid in sticking up for the betterment of their one client
then such additions of success become an army
of the "grown children"
with the right "pair of glasses"
that see more than just a "glass" half full, however, "the world."

Now, this bright and more colorfully lit world will shed light to those left "in the blurred dark"
as the once lost were found and the found shall become part in healing
those professionals who chase "selective cases" like "hungry sharks."
This long poetic entry is in support of those with Adult or Childhood Adhd and have received the wrong treatment. Until the right and trustful treatment regimens and practitioner was found.
  Adhd is hell. A lot of doctors protect themselves, instead of who they are fighting for. I know that with the right treatment (older medication  and therapy" or newer medications and treatment" A doctor must be open to even invent a treatment process, that can help, rather be routine and destructive.
Tyler Smiley Oct 2018
You asked,
what’s the point anymore?
Of us, of everything we’ve been through,
and in that I found I was so tired of being
inside of goodbyes.

I’ve been driving in circles searching for brighter days, when everything that embodies them has only been 2 miles away. I’ve spent so much time hiding under my own eyelids that I forgot my waking moments aren’t supposed to solely consist of whiskey moonlit nights. I tried so hard to block out the white noise, but I couldn’t help but hear your voice, whispering in the sway of the sprouted flowers emerging in the cracks of sidewalks. I became complacent with rainy days, but still couldn’t help but see your face in the subtle beams that break through greyscale skies.

You asked,
what’s the point anymore?
And I realized the point is us,
nothing but a linear pair.
And as much as we try,
our lines can’t help but intersect.
Pyrhos Aug 2018
Bound from the start, walking down a joint trail
We danced, mesmerized as our souls intertwined
Fate's gentle ribbons pushing us to go scale
Worlds of one other when planets collide

Surprises await, their land is far from free
Patience and eyes open bear sweetest fruits
As icy gates fall, in flow deep mysteries
The heart commands as spirit follows suit

Tell me your story and I'll walk along
Fascination by beauty knows no human bounds
Let threads of our journey together grow strong
We'll conquer wild horrors of your world and mine

Soft light of dawn touches lands drowned in night
Suffering leaves it's mark, staining a new day
Our minds ignite, moving like one to fight
Together we can keep the darkness away
the cross of the critics
nailed the duo with a despise
they showed no mercy
for the pair's demise

by the venom of a viper's bite
there wasn't any scrap of respite
in a rancorous mean spite

the pack of detractors
wanted the dyad beaten down
so they served up a caustic vitriol
to claim an undeserved crown

savage the meter's punishment
ever vile this scathing torment
none being fair in treatment

the cross of the critics
nailed the duo with a despise
they showed no mercy
for the pair's demise
NB: I've used the poetic device of repetition in the piece.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2018
We are the perfect pair
Two lovebirds sharing a nest
I make your heart sing, you make my heart fly
Your voice puts my heart at rest.
This one is cute and silly.
is after me
she is poking
her stick
in my
honey hole

she takes her stick
honey hole

we start to tingle

she pulls her stick
lick lick lick
she licks

sting sting sing
her bellvadear

there will
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