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Deep Thought Oct 31
I've lusted after countless women after my ex.
Often gave myself a magical thinking high.

Oh how I can be whisked away by the perfect girl.

Truth is perfect people don't exist.
Some people can leave you more scarred than you originally thought.
While others aren't even capable of what you're in need of.

We have to be careful not project our needs onto others.
Chances are they can't fulfill those needs.

You're in control of what you need.
Getting what you want takes patience.
It's about finding someone that gives you a mutual reciprocation.

Anything else is just called magical thinking.
A mirage.

Choose to live in reality,
chances are it's much better than you're fantasy.
Deep Thought Oct 31
I felt inspired to write this since there are many songs and poems written about heartbreak.
Many people who have been through what I've been through.

The soul crushing heartbreak.
Leaving your heart shattered into a million pieces.
With the hope that one day reunite seems like a distant dream.
One that you go in and out of subconsciously.

It's been years but the scabs are still existent.
Lately I can't help but pick at them.
Leaving me with ****** and deeper scars.

You don't just move on from someone you loved for years.
Neither do you replace them with a rebound.
It isn't that simple.

Although I believe you can move forward with your life.

Few of us have a happily ever after.

I hope my story changes for the better.
Deep Thought Jun 22
They told me to get over someone you must get under someone else.

They said time heals all wounds.

I'm here to tell you I tried, and it didn't work but it served its purpose.

The anger that I hold inside,
the grief of knowing love like hers.

She was my lighthouse, without her,
I felt lost.
Aimlessly wandering.

I thought she was mine forever.
Now my outlook on forever is nothing but jaded.

What do I miss about her most you ask?
I'd say her nurturing side,
how she always had time to listen to my manic thoughts.

She held me and hooked me with her tenderness.
Her love was like the sun,
the longer it stayed out the longer you get burned.

And in the end, I did end up burning.

I burned so much that I became a phoenix,
rising from the ashes.
3 years passing.
Everyone has a story of grief, here's mine...
Bede Sep 2019
A hop, jump, and skip away
Was the happiness I found today.
I can truly say in every way
That I've found my way back home.

I said what all I had to say,
We listened to our music play,
And as we laid down spoken lays,
You healed my heart of sorrow's song.

Thank you, dear, oh blessed be
The eyes that see what I can see,
For whenever I look to thee,
I know that I found my home.
Today was perfect, thank you!
Bede Sep 2019
Did I assume, when writing last night
Amidst pain of fire and sweat
That Love would flee, would have strucken me,
As if they blood in my body's bereft?

I am never going to find another
No, never, not anyone so great
Your love for me may have faltered
But my love for you will stand 'gainst fate.

You'll always be the one who struck my
Heart and soul afire with flames
Of love and sweetened, kindly devotion
Even if one of our loves' to wain.

Never forget me, never forsake me
Please keep me in your mind
For maybe love will ferment again
When I am given the trials of time.

Oh God, my Lord, what have You done?
What can I do to remedy?
You made me fall so madly in love,
My life, You have taken from me?

Follow me, stick to me, never leave
Your heart may not be mine
But mine will forever be owed to you
And will stand the test of time.
She left me, I failed her, she didn't see me as worthy, and I will never forget her.
Bede Sep 2019
Can I truly speak my mind and not
Lose my train of thought?
Am I the one who's above all else?
If so, its only because of you.
Remember when I say that, verily,
Everything I love is in you!
Another mid work poem
Bede Sep 2019
You make all of my senses fail
In comprehending your beauty.
Soul and body, both pristine,
My life is changed by your love.
Mind work poetry
Bede Sep 2019
Every day I walk through life
Unknowing of where to go
I only have a vague idea
Of what I'm 'sposed to know.

I'm unsure of my calling
I'm unsure of my life
I'm not too keen on these machines
That cause me all my strife.

I live a life of lying
Of looking into eyes
And telling people I'm okay
That I've still got all my tries!

But one thing is for certain
This one's not left behind
The one thing I am certain of
Is Love's right-wondrous rhyme.

What's shone since the beginning?
Since light first graced the sky?
'Twas Hatred's broodish, helly face?
No! Love's the one, says I!

So one thing is for certain
This one's left to remind
Of why I keep on chugging
And a-rollin' down the line.

That's Love is my whole reason
For dancing this foreboding dance
And if I am not careful
I could lose my last chance.

So learn to romp and tango!
Bully, my boy, dance right!
For if we Love, what have we lost?
Not nary a beautiful night!
Love, and love for You, is my whole reason. Love, and love for you, is my whole reason. I will always love You, My Lord and my Love, wholesome and romantic, a bride's unbridled love.
Abdullah Ayyash Aug 2019
I'm not known for weaving dreams
I'm only a scream from a nightmare
I would settle for a peaceful moment
To dream of watching your beauty glare
If crossing seas will bring us closer
If climbing mountains will make us pair
Then mark my word that I'm coming
To win all battles and claim you there
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
August 6th, 2019

*Clare is just a metaphor
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