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Pyrhos Aug 2018
Bound from the start, walking down a joint trail
We danced, mesmerized as our souls intertwined
Fate's gentle ribbons pushing us to go scale
Worlds of one other when planets collide

Surprises await, their land is far from free
Patience and eyes open bear sweetest fruits
As icy gates fall, in flow deep mysteries
The heart commands as spirit follows suit

Tell me your story and I'll walk along
Fascination by beauty knows no human bounds
Let threads of our journey together grow strong
We'll conquer wild horrors of your world and mine

Soft light of dawn touches lands drowned in night
Suffering leaves it's mark, staining a new day
Our minds ignite, moving like one to fight
Together we can keep the darkness away
SassyJ Apr 2016
Feel the chains change in me tonight
Condense me to evaporate in want
The long of a bounce to another world
Light the fire to burn deep and fervour

A belly roasts in repetitive embers flushes
Hearts tied connate as the essence flashes
A tangle ribboned to last after the dawn
Testify as our sparks infinitely ignite dances

Titaniums of our tectonic plates merge motions
A convergence entwined in bordered emotions
Link me in the convections of transformations
Conversations of a lasting warm benevolence

Paradisiacal chum of a past in resonance
A photographic collection of a lived long life
Unwrap the snare, unwind the erased tapes
Lay back as we hide away behind the moonlight
SassyJ Mar 2016
A first exclamation
Is it an approximation?
Of my imagination
Spoken determination

We are all in delusion
Sinking possibilities
Acting on this activation
A brain improvisation

A flowing dedication
Mounted city destination
Lacking in co-operation
Mounted evaluations

Investing the cognition
Is not the only direction?
Embracing the investigation
My convergence recruitment

Not even words uncovers
The layered entrenchment
Sunken lost in introversion
A day dream of absolution
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SassyJ Dec 2015
Dear one,
As the domino, I fall cascading on the drawing board. Why would one deny progression? A furtherance , the ebb and flow. I remain up beat and spirited as I read your letters. It's like a barred barricade is being lifted.Your glowing light is charging me. Certainty is liberating, the riding of the waves have become a skill that I have engrossed. The tides spread from shore to shore and I must anchor. I am ever grateful for your deliberation in regard to my current affairs. Your magnanimity is greatly appreciated.

                                           As I am
Enormous, bountifulness of free spirit. Episodes of  taciturnity alternated by sequences of  thrill are remarkably felt. The higher level linking is simultaneous , coordinated and equidistant. As life propels, years progress a resemblance of energy is greatly congruent. The conforming compatibility of the absolute is evident. Transpiration of what once known yet unknown surfaces, erupts and consolidates a new meaning. A renewed existence, a recovered emergence solidifies. These moments are so evident, abundantly and vehemently felt on every fibre,bone and muscle of my being. Right to the core of my soul, my very existence.

On the tangent of thoughts........"J" the jewel... the forgotten treasure. What happened to the nature trueness that stroked your mind? The non win compromises aren't spontaneous. We must realign.... we must.

Vous êtes magnifiquement merveilleux et excellent en tous les moyens possible.
You sure do give me the butterflies......
You hold me in skies high above.
I can't control the butterflies.........
Is it just a flutter ?

To progress as you progress.....

Inspired by........
Natasha Bedingfield (Soulmate)
Vous êtes magnifiquement merveilleux et excellent en tous les moyens possible.

Translation from French:
You are wonderful and beautifully excellent in all ways possible .
K Balachandran Nov 2015
Can't wait any more,
darling,reach out,
just touch my lips
with your index finger,
red hot with desire.
I am ready to melt
as convergence of
lust, passion and love
happens in that order.

വയ്യിനി കാക്കാന്‍

തെല്ലും വയ്യിനി കാക്കാന്‍ പ്രിയേ,
ആസക്തിയാല്‍ രക്തവര്‍ണമാര്‍ന്നോരാ
തുടുവിരൽത്തുമ്പാൽ ചുണ്ടിൽ
 മൃദുവായ്  തൊടുകെന്നെ നീ.
രതിതൃഷ്ണയും ആസക്തിയും
പ്രേമതാപവും മേല്മേല്‍,
തിരമാലകൾപോലെ വന്നെൻ
ആര്‍ദ്രനായ്, രാഗോന്മാദാൽ
നിന്നിലലിയാൻ കൊതിപ്പൂ ഞാന്‍!
(Malayalam Translation)

— The End —