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july Feb 2020
they say to make a person fall in love in you
you need to make them happy
if you made them laugh
and smile,
there will be a chance of them falling for you
but why is that when i see him happy
hear him laughing, see him smiling,
why am i the one who falls?
falling deeper, and deeper
july Feb 2020
as i take my every step on the wet pavement,
i can feel the breeze of the wind, waking me up
splashes from the puddles of water are felt
by my bare, weak, legs
i can feel myself shaking from the cold
shivering more, as time went by
but then, my phone made a sound
it was you
when i opened your message,
i'm suddenly
not so cold anymore.
thank you for your warmth.
july Feb 2020
i fell for you
from the moment i got to know you

i will always remember
the first time you made me smile

and still is making me smile
up to this day

the moment i saw your smile for the first time

my heart beats
as fast as it can beat

i knew i want you then
until now, all i want is you

because i fell for you
and still is falling
you're my dream person.
july Feb 2020
there was a time in my life
where all i can do is think about the sadness
i've been pushing away to the back of my mind

becoming an empty vessel
with tired eyelids and tired soul,
breathing heavily

as tears of sadness flow through
i held on to what i was holding
with the jacket you gave me,

i felt your hug.
distance don't matter.
july Feb 2020
as the strings of the guitar move as you flick your fingers

as the insentient chords becomes alive and breathes

as the echoes of emotions buried deep within you can be heard

as you pour all of you and serve it infront of me vulnerably

as the words you just can't say will be said at last

as you get naked expressing your happiness and sadness all at once

i will be there
by your side

i can listen to you all day.
july Feb 2020
i remember the time where i started feeling this kind of numbness
a child with a free mind, a pure soul, with endless smiles
devastatingly tainted by early traumas that dominated the calmness
i feel like i was doing something i can't
as if i'm breathing, yet not living, at the same time
a hole wishing to be filled
a meter wanting to be fulled
a puzzle waiting to be finished
but you,
you fulfilled everything
i was incapable of completing
you're my missing puzzle piece.
thank you for making me feel whole again.
july Feb 2020
your struggles, i see
as you practice as the sun goes down
until your eyes get heavy
every yawn, you strum
every stretch, you sung

sometimes you will leave your place
to get water, to rest for a bit
but you will not stop
until you're satisfied enough
until you're not tired enough

your determination, i see
it blows my mind how you think that
what you're doing isn't perfect enough
but i guess you're a dreamer
and a dreamer never stops

but you see, i will be here
in every bumps of journey
in every step, i will tell you
how good of a job you're doing
how proud i am of you

i will assure you, i will
you'll get to that stage, don't worry
you'll sing in front of the crowd that loves you
you'll make us fall inlove with you
you'll achieve your dream

i am your other half, see?
i will believe on you when no one else ever had
i will be by your side from the very start
and until you achieved that,
i will always be your number one fan.
you'll get to that stage, love
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