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Avestani Sep 2021
Blackest nights and hearts of hearts
As the feeling hits my bones
Vast illusions take their hold
Welcome evil to its throne

Embrace the stars that guide my fate they've often burned when I arrive too late
It seems I'm running in a vector leading myself back to what I hate
I picked the crown from all the roses, chose to drown yet dreamt of floating, spending precious time just hoping, loves a drug so now I'm doping, heart so broken no use coping, all this ink black blood is flowing, spilling from my tongue it stains the ground pollutes the mud

Wasted words, from wasted tongues I think I've fallen out of love and now this freedom cuts me open just to rip out all these pieces, voices, words, and thesis I've been Clinging to this life, God should just hand me the knife, I'll carve myself a new beginning.

Stab myself with a thousand needles to drive it home once more that there is no growth without pain and from me all the hues of red and black come pouring out in a catharsis of the self inflicted damage I've pursued in the twisted notion that accepting this pain will leave me with nothing left to lose and everything left to gain but as it turns out the gods were never so cruel and never so kind as to let me weather the entire storm to prove to myself that I was truly alive.



Take me, break me, shatter my illusions, drive my mind into confusion, take from me everything I hold true and run it through the strainer that's
you, God of wisdom take my hand and drag me through the burning sands, and take from me right as I bleed through every wound you set me free, crush my faith, tear out my eyes, if I don't make it death is fine, gifted wisdom from divine, is worth this anguished mortal life, show me death and show me light, show me plenty show me strife, cast upon I beg of thee, make me listen make me free.
JKirin Dec 2020
Crushing lightning you strike; aim – to ****.
All the air is charged with your presence.
Flashing eyes in the rain, deathly chill –
You’re a roar in the sky, a menace.
about a lightning god
Quick to anger, quicker to hate
Leaves nothing up to fate
Fate fails time and again
So destiny did he take into his own hand
Never again will love be lost
Never again shall his heart be covered with frost
Running around for eons, not having a home
Finally a place to settle, a love to call his own
Kaos knew no love for so long
He knew that is must've been wrong
To not have someone by his side, bringing order to all he has wrought
He lives now, still, and cannot be bought
Kaos the Wolf, he is known to almost none
But The God of Chaos he is, as Odin named him so
Kaos remembers all, yet cannot say 'no'
When the Allfather beckons and calls
Kaos knows he must listen, lest he causes his own fall
Chaos must be caused there is no other to do it
So Kaos raises his head and howls out remembering every bit
To his love, his mate, Kaos looks, tears in his eyes
Waiting for her to beckon and tell him they'll never say their goodbyes
All is well as she pats his head
"Silly wolf, I'll never leave your side," she said.
Alex Fontaine Nov 2020
I see so many people,
Who carry their dread,
Like concrete umbrellas,
Up over their heads.

No time for sunlight-
Preparing for rain.
Ready to fight-
But not to feel pain.

All wrapped up in themselves,
Discontent with their lives,
Like they’re owed something else,
Than a good day to die.

Awareness floats on an eternal sea,
A glittering instant of consciousness ,
Vibrating between unrealities,
On a firmament of impermanence.

For no reason deciding to spring up from the ground,
As we careen through an exploding universe.
We spend our time trying to tear each other down,
The hue of our flesh sacks determining what we’re worth.

The earth is our mother and my ancestors are there,
I’m not scared to die as I was born- screaming and naked-
To love life as a moth loves fire is to live a prayer;
I am terrified of the moment being wasted.

Hope and freedom are not found
Behind the illusion of truth.
Look to Prometheus bound-
Who cares little to nothing for Zeus.
“A fool thinks he will live forever if only he can avoid a fight, but old age will bring him no peace, even if weapons do.” Havamal 16
Yaoyan Oct 2020
On the branches of the great Ash tree,
He hangs upside down
Over the pond of reflection.

“I sacrifice my eye to me,
Allow me to see those that I can change
And those that I cannot;
The deepest corners of the heart
And the universe it flows in-
Grant me Wisdom beyond Sight.”

And he hangs for 9 days and 9 nights-
Not dead for death has not been born.
(There is no death without time and no time when the world is stagnant)

Waters swirl up and engulf him / he slowly dips his head in.

The sacrifice has been received.
A God is born (not created, not made)

The branches of Yggdrasil sing.
Movement, vibrations,
The stars and the moon start to spin,
Welcoming inspiration.
A wolf named Kaos runs to and fro'
Howling and bellowing this wolf needs his home
Unlike Odin's wolves, Geri and Freki, Kaos cannot live on blood and wine alone
Kaos lives on his love and home, far from being alone
The wolf named Kaos cannot live on blood and wine alone
The wolf named Kaos needs his love, and needs his home.
Chris Jul 2019
I fell asleep on ocean shore,
Sharp rocks as my bed,
I don't feel them anymore,
I don't feel cold I must be dead.

The sky split clouds of eden's door,
The stars shine as my eyes,
I lay low strecthed on the floor,
With the silence deep inside.

As the heavens keep on burning,
The machines of men are turning.

Valhalla, how I waited to arrive!
Your ravens and your anger,
Were always in my mind!
Valhalla, realm beyond the world of known,
I am among the dead, I am among my own!

I fell asleep on dragon's tail,
With arrows in my side,
The last of them already sailed,
Leave my lying with a smile.

The rain washes the salty air,
And through tears wind blows,
My fingers ran through golden hair,
Valkyrie please fly me home.

As the world just keeps on turning,
And the human hate is burning.

Valhalla, how I waited for your light!
Your splendor and salvation,
Father Odin in his right!
Valhalla, land of gods, for evermore,
I found my peace in your everlasting war!
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  I hope I don't rest in peace, that I think would be the dullest, most boring death/afterlifeof all possible or impossible afterlives.
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