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William de klerk Dec 2020
Another age-old tale
of love too frail
to save two lives torn
by love's self-destructive scorn.

If love were
a worn leather chest plate
doubt would be a
piercing sword
to seal a lover's fate.

Trust, a slippery step
on a steep climb
that if her feet would falter
she would never again be mine.

Has this calloused heart
become too cruel?
but what of
once deceived
and twice a fool.

So I have learned
that Love is not blind.
For the faint flame
of love in one's eye
slowly starts to die

Never again can i stare lovingly
For all I have is uncertainty
She starts to tear when I am near

For my stare forever holds
The weight of
"what if?"
Not knowing is a heavy burden indeed
William de klerk Nov 2020
Chaos free for barely a day
when a wide eyed sadistic smile
finally came out to play.

Her touch lingers
just a little too long
I'm another sorry soul
caught by her siren song.

She holds me in her hands
with her soft skin
and sweet smell
that makes me weak.

So I played her game
but she don't play fair
so she left me alone
cold and without a care.

She's been a wild child
since sixteen;
now she lives for fast cars
and *** under the stars.

Broke so many hearts
because somebody
broke hers first.
That's why
Hearts that break others,
Really are the worst.

She's not for me
or anyone else
since she won't settle down
She can live alone
in her red painted town.
William de klerk Aug 2020
To be cold is to be alive;
to be alive is to hunt for heat.
Our fire may be a fickle friend,
but here it is warm,
so here I am for now;
screaming at silent starts,
as I start to thaw.

Writhing within my eyes
is a flame's reflection.
Now fierce is my stare,
as I gaze down the abyss
of what is yet to be.

So, for now
I do not fear the cold;
it's chill excites my eager bones,

As I savour a new fires embrace.
William de klerk Jul 2020
How do broad shoulders
bare the weight of what
     we carry to the grave,
and how do we gauge
    the weight of
    what never was?

They say we simply
need to share
to speak,
but I know not one man
that can shine a torch
on his own demon,
let alone name It.

So They start to circle
as bones no longer
Creak but Crack
and broad shoulders start
learn the pain of growing older
and like demons
make for
fine friends.

the eyes are the window
through which we can look
into the soul,
Then let words serve
as a souls outstretched arms
and when we look in let us see
that in yours are a shield,
and mine a sword,

Then let you block and bash
as I swing and slash
that not one more man may fall
and broad shoulders need bare
nothing at all.
As we grow old and carry the weight of our lives, we find those with similar demons and gain a sort of peace in sharing.
William de klerk Jul 2020
Let's seeds of sadness fall
for only what I water
will grow.
Let tired flowers wilt
before cold winds
blow petals of old away.

May the ground
take its beauty back
and wait for warmer days
when I will water
smiling seeds under summer skies.

And only after Their spring
would I be content
leaving dry lands,
And on that day
let me give back
what wilted petals paid
to me.
William de klerk Jul 2020
Isn't it ironic that
Silence screams so loud
we drown out the sound
and pray the voices pipe down
" they don't sound like me anymore
  they won't go away and each day
  a demented voice pulls me under
  and now I wonder...
which way is up?"

Isn't it ironic how
playing cards can cut
like a razor blade
and red dice rolling
become an evil eye that winks.
Does that cloth
on a tricky table
feel as soft
as the lining on a nearby coffin?

Isn't it ironic
when love's soft touch
devolves into lust
and broken hearts
disintegrate into rust,
when a silent embrace
becomes an empty bed
but that void only deepens
when we cheapen
our body and soul
to feel whole
for a mere moment.

Isn't it ironic
we want a world
so far from reality
we blur the one we have
as we snort, smoke and swallow
our problems away
only for them to return
on a much darker day.

A hundred vices
**** a thousand men
and in solidarity we stand.
Let one brave soul say
I have been bitten by these...
and more
so many more!
Let me lean on you brother
Let me comfort you sister
Let us stumble forward together!
Vices break so many, but grow in the dark as they take and take and don't ever give back. We stew in our sickness and stand alone instead of reaching out.
William de klerk Jul 2020
Music Makes Madness
So Much More bearable
Like strangers make lies
So much more wearble

My masks the sober student
Yours is the faithful girlfriend
Right :°[] ?
Stereotypical, I know!
Let's put on a show!

I can be the ****** killer
You can be my arms dealer
I chop and you sell
Later Gator see you in hell
Idk what the **** this was , punny I guess
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