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A cage of physicality
A maze of what’s beyond
Within my mentality—beyond all that might be
Fainting—a surplus of despond

Lone from all
Tightening walls—spawn phenomenon
Foregone capacity beneath their fall
Où est mon monde?
River Reed Mar 3
Loving you’s a battlefield
Mines scattered beneath the surface
Minds rattled—can’t you tell?
Better mind my own business

You were right: It’ll never go away
I’ll forever be lost within my dreadful haze
If there’s a beyond, please show the way
I’ve no vision within this melancholic maze

I’ve tasted without my tongue
Remember those flavourful fantasies?
All the songs that I’ve sung?
Untethered, unto little tull from my knees
River Reed Mar 3
Echoes like a canyon
Flooded like the sea
Louder than a waterfall
Crashing down on me

My mind is divided
Between was and is
Two moments in time and
I want none of it

Don't send me back
Rather speed me up
Having fallen from my track
Now in search of a shortcut

But to what?
River Reed Mar 3
My past came knocking,

and it brought a battering ram.
River Reed Mar 1
Fire casts no shadow
But soot may stain the wall
Your love burns so shallow
That I've no soot at all

Now I cast a shadow
As your flame burns another

How high must I swim to
So that I may be uncovered


Don't leave me to drown
Rather burn me alive
I'll be craving our sound
Beyond the day I die
River Reed Mar 1
I can doubt everything, even doubt itself and the odds attributed, yet there are only two answers: they are or they aren't.

So here's a paradox in which you must know something that determines you can't know anything. Even this.
River Reed Feb 27
Left in the dust
Missing our lust

The love
Your touch

The smell of your hair
Too much to bare

Naked is my heart
My chest: ripped apart

No more colours

Choking to drowned

Surround my being
Feel my heart beating
For I cannot

Where are my feelings?
Only thoughts

I want emotions
To feel unbroken
Flow from within
Extend my essence

It's midnight
I turn to face you
And you're smiling
Eyes shining as they soak into mine and
I'm part of something

Your number is blocked
For you
I cannot resist me
Resisting us

The bottle's been drained
Buying in bulk
I can't

From us
From it
From was
From capacity

So I'm giving up
Not on life
But on living
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