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Jack P Sep 1
the hardest part of grieving is
learning how to speak in past tense

- and we Did.
in an untimely manner. this is for someone else
Jack P Aug 10
one love is skinny
one love is tough
one is unrequited
one's had enough

one points a finger
one plugs an ear;
and that's how i'd describe
how we both ended up here
hiatus, hi-at-us, an anagram for hiatus is "u a ****"
Jack P May 25
wake up
exist gently /
press out the corners
exist gently //
slip into the morning, like its a summer dress
exist gently ///
guide new oxygen around the living room of your chest cavity
exist gently ////
watch cotton wool plug the holes in the sky
exist gently /////
send thank you cards before knowing what you're thankful for
exist gently //////
give space generously, hear it hum sonorously
exist gently ///////

exist gently
die happily.
i am just a little creature
Jack P May 23
press your forehead on the barrel of hope
put your neck inside the optimist's rope
jump off a bridge, into the warm light below...

...crack your skull on the idea of tomorrow.
our futures are deposits, our pasts are savings, our presents are giving us withdrawals
Jack P May 18
living in fear of the allostatic load
hopscotching tire marks on a bare and open road
do we drag down this life to where life dare not go?
we are living in fear of the allostatic load.

if 'when' is an if, and 'if' is a when
then what's never happened will happen again
the one-armed men will count upwards to ten
on phantoms taken by the allostatic load.

(of hair: massage scalp, condition, brush regularly, dry gently - keep what is lost in fistfuls, dead hard protein, dead fast head spins)

when limbs give way under the allostatic load
softened up by atrophy
trapped under the debris of a broken home
familiar hands will come for me.
we can hold hands if we promise, to go to the same place, at the same exact time
Jack P Apr 18

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i am just a little creature. i cannot change this
Jack P Mar 12
let us try brave resolve
till tongues untwisted
doing the ritual whisp
where found its rhythm in the breeze --
cocked back like a hammer
cutting through the silence
was the creaking of an open palm.

would you like to go for a swim?
it is cold and it is dark
but parts of us dispersed
across the eavesdropping tide
makes for a wonderful place to drown.


a secret is like a burden,
when it is shared, it is halved.
i'd love it if we made it
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