Jack P Dec 10
In the middle of a crowded room,
full of bad mouths with good hearts,
I ask:

"What's the point of a trigger warning if you're just gonna pull it anyway?"
Jack P Dec 6
Have you ever liked someone so much you regret meeting them?
Jack P Nov 19
This hidden gem
Forgets how to shine bright
Keeps shielded a shimmering soul.

This hidden gem
Is hidden in plain sight
Disguised as a lump of coal.
the type of rhyme friends would scoff at, and honestly, same
Jack P Nov 18
A waste of space
moves from place to place
with a shameless haste
and a graceless face.
All the space that's wasted
cut and pasted
freedom encased
though briefly tasted.
Laid to waste
that wasted space
limbs were taped
and there defaced;
the sign said "Waste"
to home we raced
at a frenetic pace
footprints traced.
The edge of space
where fruit met waste -
a confusing place
reeks of **** and fine lace.
A waste of space
wearing my face
lost the race
to the black dog's pace.
But just in case
here's a place that
cannot be wasted:
bed frame's embrace.
i never want to leave my bed again,
Jack P Nov 13
line the shores
with hospital beds
let them sleep by the sea

if nothing else
they can jump the fence
untethered from the bodies

but when the credits roll
i still won't get up to leave
because behind the smoke screen of relapse
there's figures waiting for me  

some days i'd like to stay
some days i'd like to drift away
i've never had an original thought
but i keep thinking them anyway

so what will it be: a slice of life, or a chunk of wrist?
sometimes i feel like i can move mountains and other times i feel like i'm underneath one. into it and over it. we'll continue this elsewhere
Jack P Nov 12
(but we)

good morning from the after life
the 2am program
battered brains and battered fish
take the drug, make the wish

(are still)

good morning from where its sunny all the time
where you are the laugh track
your smile stuck, held up like a hammock in a light wind
no need to forgive when no one has sinned


good morning from the place where dogs always catch their tails
russian roulette with the chambers of a loaded heart
and we're happy and we're glowing and we're glad
love what we've got, forget what we had

(by our own shadows)
dress code: business casual existential despair
Jack P Aug 1
kind stranger, wandering idly past this URLwebpagecryforhelpYahoo Answerstypedeal, i have a question:

what do you say when someone tells you they're going to self harm?

because the knowledge, the image, has harmed me too.
incapacitated, indisposed, heart-achingly blue.
no advice could surmount or arise to the task,
of fixing this woman, so what should i do?

and jesus christ i can't continue the rhyme.
in this it is the epitome of futility,
why do we dress dead bodies up in expensive suits?

and she's expecting me to be her life raft?
i've been deflating since before we met,
but i'll try my best, i guess.

i told her: "deep breaths, not deep cuts"
and then made myself a cup of tea,
does that count as therapy?
as a wise sadboy country town buddha once posited: to live is the way out
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