Jack P Aug 1
kind stranger, wandering idly past this URLwebpagecryforhelpYahoo Answerstypedeal, i have a question:

what do you say when someone tells you they're going to self harm?

because the knowledge, the image, has harmed me too.
incapacitated, indisposed, heart-achingly blue.
no advice could surmount or arise to the task,
of fixing this woman, so what should i do?

and jesus christ i can't continue the rhyme.
in this it is the epitome of futility,
why do we dress dead bodies up in expensive suits?

and she's expecting me to be her life raft?
i've been deflating since before we met,
but i'll try my best, i guess.

i told her: "deep breaths, not deep cuts"
and then made myself a cup of tea,
does that count as therapy?
as a wise sadboy country town buddha once posited: to live is the way out
Jack P Jul 28
volte face
pivot away from
the old place
where ***** mirrors
cracks in the skin;
too wide or
too thin.

hymns from a chasm
that sits in between



without turning away
dreams (yours and ours)
will fall limper,
simmer under hot sun
as they're hung from the ramparts
gnarled and ragged
like the crest of a defeated army

volte face
pivot away from
the dead space
where bruised silences
the cracks in your brain;
too much in
not enough sane.

and you will write a million """Poems"""
and they will be about as useful
as a blind man's reading glasses.
here is my shoulder, here is your clout
Jack P Jul 7
and all these gods are in one place
conspiring and -
all your efforts are misplaced
whining like an -
off-key note in a seraphic choir
lamenting a -
weekend's bitter aftertaste.

here's a thing you can't avoid:
a war of worlds on a bedroom floor
the house is kept unlocked at night
and a crosswind billows through the door.

...and all his questions are ignored
he chipped his teeth cause he was bored.

we wrote missives to a shallow grave
dug with musicals we rearranged
to fit the arc we fashioned here
as we waltzed atop the sinking pier.

...I am prone to switching off
So I will never turn you on.
this is a song i'm writing, have a draft
Jack P Jun 28
I don't look like that anymore.

I grew.

I grew tired
I grew a white collar from my neck
I grew to know you
I grew too close to cynics
I grew out of my skin
and into someone else's
I grew angry at my reflection
I grew tired.

I grew up.
i am jaded and i want to go to sleep again before i've even woken up
Jack P Jun 26
the department's lack of transparency under secretary [redacted]'s leadership is ruining our reputation. wounds still fresh, still raw from the steaming hot poker of [redacted], his insistence on [redacted] with all the [redacted] has left the cabinet muddied and in a state of disrepair; the dismantling taking place under scrutiny of the public eye, whose line-of-sight is unwavering upon the heart of the issue. being as he is in a position of influence, of power, [redacted]'s behaviour is deplorable and inexcusable, and the liberal use of [redacted] resources to stretch his spidery fingers into the forbidden *** of [redacted] is unprecedented, even as we as a people grow used to controversies in a similar vein. thick skin is now a prerequisite of living in our political climate. representatives from [redacted]'s leadership group are yet to make any statements on the issue, though it is -- from a partisan standpoint -- abundantly clear that if an apology or explanation is not issued soon, the young republicrat's reputation will combust in a display of unglory; splintered shards of a once-polished and spotless reputation flying in different directions across the [redacted]. [redacted] has landed himself in hot water. we'll soon know how severe the burns are.
all political controversies follow the same template
Jack P Jun 7
"back to a wall at the broken glass ball where ones fed up with it all not just feeling small

a twitching of cheeks it's been this way for weeks and is this what he seeks? the cellar door creaks

bed fully-clothed you and your betrothed and the people you loathed a stones-throw from homegrown despair alone

i take no time to finish this rhyme exorcising the grime accruing in the back of my mind pure stream-of-consciousness line-by-line at 12:29

need a passport to get to the kitchen sink need the friends i don't have for a chat and a drink need to turn off my brain in order to think need a rope and a stool pull me back from the brink

i'm collecting read receipts today. thanks for your help."

*Seen Mon 14:42
hello dork-ness my old friend
Jack P May 31
if i were to pen an autobiography
it would only be a line(?) long
because here not much of interest goes on
but if for some reason you'd like to get to know me:

"an acute lack of self awareness,
and an astute sense of irony.
thanks claire i was struggling for a dumb title and i found one in the form of your subconscious brain
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