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Spriha Kant Sep 2020
No regret , no descent of gloomy drop from eyes and no pain in heart for falling for a man dressed in courage.

No shivering in hands for emptying all those love poetries into trash which unknowingly embraced a spineless in the ****.

Flowers of love and trust , though , trampled but I am still a flower who is yet to be wilted !
Mr Poet May 2020
Your friends says you're a fool for loving me
My friends says I'm stupid for loving you

We may be hearing these negative feedbacks from them;
But it won't hinder us from loving each other

They can call you deaf
They can call me blind
But whatever they say
It won't make-up my mind
Eric Babsy Sep 2018
I have the shakes.
How can I keep things straight?
There something important I must do.
How can I deal with it when I am stuck on you?

There are many ways to die.
I could end up where the shadows lie.
Waiting and asking “will I not die?”.
Another drink and I am closer to asking why.

Air is swirling around me.
Taking in all sounds around me.
Can I do the unexpected?
Then again, will I end up resurrected?

Will I end up subjected?
In a world so unaffected.
Can I do something I only dreamed?
In a world so dangerous, it would seem.

Will I end up causing too much strife?
Then again will I end my life?
Your dreams are more important it would seem.
I will try to have more self esteem.

Can I do the unseen?
In a world where we are chasing our dream.
Will I end up subjected?
In a world so unaffected.

Our dreams shape us.
So, unaffected they will not make us.
We are sharing our dreams.
In a world where nothing is what it seems.
Àŧùl Sep 2016
She couldn't bear the distance with me,
And she could just not be strong.

For she is really young right now,
She has a whole new youth ascending.

I still have mine in my mind to keep,
I will do what I always used to do.

Whether she reads any of them or not,
For this is my release and it's unaffected.
I am not going to give up on my dreams with her.
She is free to live her life in any way she deems fit.
But I have my redefined principles of love in this second chance I have got upon life.

HP Poem #1151
©Atul Kaushal
I told my soul I'd never grow
To fall into such a trap.
That promise I did keep, I sleep
A restless, teary nap.
Now it builds inside me wildly
And creeps out from my cap
Tell me how this happened
How it happened to me...

I told my heart never to start
To show my skin again
To lock myself inside and hide
Behind an ever jolly grin.
Do not go, I know, I know
And do not let them in.
Tell me how this happened
How it happened to me...

I warned my mind to bind
My heart inside my chest
The criticizing eyes, their lies
I see better than the rest.
All too blind and so unkind,
I will not pass their test
Tell me how this happened
How this happened to me...

I must hide, for I have tried
To reveal my soul
Oh how battered, I was shattered
Dig a corpse sized hole.
I'm still the same, but out of shame
I burnt outside to coal.
Tell me how this happened
How this happened to me.
ElinaD Dec 2014
In the depth of our existence, the ‘real us’ dwells,
which often remains untouched, ofttimes unspelled.

Don’t empower the peeps to impose their thoughts,
Be the brainchild of your conviction and you’d be sought.

Books that ****** ideas and structure our notion,
Make us go astray from our real aspiration.

Don’t let the world dilute your soul;
You are a born sierra, not a trivial knoll!
-Elina Dawoodani
Victoria Mar 2014

I checked the video page one day to see if you were on drugs
All I saw were two common folk nothing more than thugs

The love is lost;it's over now
Not entertained or amused

I'm over our entanglement
Unaffected and bemused

How to start my life again?
It's time to begin living

**** 12 steps of recovery
What was done I'm not forgiving

I'm learning how to laugh at me
And simply how to be

Progress not perfection
A lifelong revelry

The time has come to say goodbye to a past misunderstood

It's time  to make amends with me
Not a  lost "boy" from the hood

Just a side note for clarification...the video page refers to 'youtube.' 'he' is currently posting music videos of himself and it has become evident that he is back on drugs

— The End —