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Jack 6d
Such a fickle soul,
Left to be tormented alone,
Loves to indulge in these temporary amusements,
Time has seemed like a fleeting moment,
How ungrateful of us not to savor every second we have,
The unnerved and unfazed,
Sweet sap of empathy,
Little grief for the lonely,
Melody of the weak,
With pale grey eyes,
Oh, lovely,
Why does it end so quickly?
The night draws nigh,
As the soul of demise basks in moonlight,

It will be your last light.
tiredkoalahugs Apr 2021
I hide my pain behind my smile
And truth behind the lies
And I save them for my monsters
Who come visit me at night
Because they see straight through my lies
And the hurt I try to hide
But they dont say anything
Instead they hold me till the light
Alina Jan 2021
Dear mom and dad, colleges been a whirl.
all nighters are common and I eat too much ramen but Ive kept off the freshman fifteen.
My friends pierced my ears and dad I'll out drink you with beers. But frat boys can be quite mean.
I took the car for a few trips outta state with my friends but I filled up the gas and didn't once crash.
I have a tattoo I haven't shown you. I really miss my old bed.
My friends got us a fish but that was a miss.
Then I broke my finger but the pain didn't linger.
I did get corona but after tacoma.
I kissed a few boys and made too much noise, but I did get to dance in the rain.
I showed my friend his first snow and watched my plant grow.

And although midterms made me cry, I got to watch the sky go from blue to pink with a friend

I'm just hoping it won't all end.
Umwari uwera May 2020
warm fresh death of his reckless touch
deep down unseen but the dark
of his world  
his is the monster i run from .
Dog Years Jan 2020
A light soft flutter
Faithfully carried a moth
Intent on escape

She flew quite softly
Through the light and to the moon
Left the world behind

Flying by and by
Only to see what awaits
Across the night sky
Tori Schall Oct 2019
In my life there are three things:
A feeling of emptiness,
a hollow laugh and blank face,
Hiding behind a mask

I wonder day by day
nothing changing
the world around me is unimportant.
In my life there are three things:

My own emotions elude me
they go about their days
hiding in the back of my brain
a feeling of emptiness

Upon my face there sits
a person I don't know
Because of all I ever am is
a hollow laugh and blank face

Day by day, night by night
nobody ever bothers to look
but I never bother to tell, I'm
hiding behind a mask
This is my first attempt at a cascade poem
L Nov 2018
I know i hurt you. I felt as though i had no other choice.

I must be heard.

I demand to be heard.

I have gone silent one too many times.

This time is now mine.
Time is up.
aush g Aug 2018
“let's got for a walk..i need some fresh air"

i say that to the one person i know i shouldn't-you.
but just like always
you agree.

we walk outside in the cold air.
it's mid September by now,
but the nights turn cold
faster than your heart did.

maybe it was the alcohol
maybe it was the courage that i collected ever since you've been gone
but the normal me would have never talked to you...
especially after the worst day of our lives.

we walk along the cement path making out way to the plastic slide.
which in my eyes seems like it goes on forever in a downward spiral.
my head is spinning so i lay down.
my feet still on the steps.
knees up
and head looking at the stars.

"i really love the stars you know...they make me think of a world
bigger than our own"

       "i know you do. i remember you telling me that"

i was going to tell you a little sorry about the stars
and how they control our lives
but i guess you already knew my thoughts about them.
i guess you knew me better than i thought you did.

"do you remember- last year how i was completely in love with you"

       "yes. I do"

"i just want to thank you. and even though i know we won't ever be the same
and that it's still awkward between us...
i just want you to know that you will always be my friend...
and i know i know u don't want me to get sappy but you.
you are just amazing.
and i think that's why i loved you the first time
and i think that's why i still love you."

       "i don't know what to say.."

"i know. you don't have to say anything”

i never looked at you. i just stared at the stars.
hoping they would control my life.
if it was left up to me.. my life would not exist at all.

"thank you for being here for me"

i turned
my hazy eyes staring into his
if i look to long i'll fall back into his spell
so i quickly decide-
should i end the night on a sad note
or end it with the best friend i've ever had.
i kiss his cheek.
the warmth from his skin lingers on my lips.
it's not ******
it's not out of lust
but it is part of our old and broken love.
i sit there my head on his shoulder

his arms wrapped around me with a strong firm grasp
and with that i know he will be there forever.
i close my eyes and doze off to the image of the stars
twirling above me in the late autumn night.

i wake up two hours later
realizing that this moment
will never happen
because it was just a dream
woven into the thoughts of reality.
Daniel Ruiz May 2018

Like the nebula in the sky,
Your eyes follow the twinkling of the stars,

I Don’t understand why is the night cold,
But I do know you keep me warm,

I give you words to remember me by,
And you blind me from the dark,

I know your touch is art ,
But I wanna keep looking at the stars,

This high ceiling,
Keeps our minds at bay,

I see your shadow struggling
To see

How the stars shine,
So it can be

The stars look beautiful tonight,
They look better when I look at them with you

the moon shares his glare with us,
Giving us permission to look,

I don’t feel jealous of the star,
Just a little sad they aren’t closer

I don’t feel jealous of the moon,
Just sad i can’t walk down her back

I don’t feel jealous of them in any way,
They aren’t me and you

Under the nebula ,
And the twinkling of your eyes,

The moon reminds me of my faith ,
The sun of your glair,

We can’t really run away from death,
But we can show him how to care,

Life ain’t really life
Without them lights,

That light up when I look at your eyes,
I caress your hair and look at the sky

Waiting for the sunset to rise.
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