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Bebe Aug 2023
And I wonder what it felt like to be loved by YOu!
Bebe Jan 2023
I prefer you and cigarettes.

But tonight I prefer neither.
Bebe Sep 2022
A big piece of me miss you like crazy… but until heaven opens again .
Him #i miss you
Bebe Dec 2021
Somewhere in this worldly earth I lost my happiness.
Bebe Aug 2021
Nobody will ever understand how much this little pen of mines has healed me !
  Jul 2021 Bebe
I'm so bad the Devil warned me that if ever he sees me in Hell again, he'll call the police on me.
They think I write while I'm starring outside a window of a plane...   Nah, I'm actually starring from outside the window of a house.
Bebe May 2021
Give me a minute I’m still learning how to love myself!!
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