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tiredkoalahugs Dec 2020
Is this it?
Is this missing piece
The dancing in the rain,
The everfading pain,
Is this it?
Oh for what is this new feeling that I didnt realize I missed,
And the feeling of what it's like to be kissed
Oh the joy
Is this it?
The end of the puzzle
The end of the search
The end of the pain
This is it isn't it?
This is happiness
To dom, xoxo
tiredkoalahugs Dec 2020
When the bad turns good,
And the leaves turn gold,
When the wind starts to blow,
And the leaves start to brown,
And when the storm starts to brew,
And the frost begins to set,
To domnick, who lights my way in the dark
tiredkoalahugs May 2020
What’s a life,
If you’re going to throw it away,
With yourself down the bottle.
Is it worth the 9 months,
Just to see,
The baby carried away with cold feet?
Because YOU couldn’t stop drowning your sorrows,
Bottle By Bottle.
Now you may get a living one,
But what is to be of he/she,
Will they not be able to talk,
Or just an addict meant to be.
Now the first sip of alcohol
Will be the last first goodbye,
To the baby you never gave a chance,
To have a normal life.
So will you just put down the bottle,
To save the unborns life?
Or will you drink away your sorrows,
Thinking everything will turn out right?
tiredkoalahugs May 2020
I ended up forgetting
What true happiness was
What it feels like to be proud of yourself for once
But then the moment is over
And the next minute the sorrow comes back
And you miss that happiness even more
tiredkoalahugs May 2020
Why do all the bad things,
The self harm, denial, and everything else,
End up helping the most?
Edit: Ah Im almost crying becuase of how much love this poem has gotten and all of that in one day and this has never happened and thank you to everyonr.
tiredkoalahugs May 2020
Once apon a time
As if it was a dream
I was a kid
And I didn’t know a thing.
  May 2020 tiredkoalahugs
Walking the street
the dark blue sky
yellow on eyes
down the street lights
I move forward
with many shadows
beside me

Empty street
haunting feelings
stumbling legs
there are buildings
all around me
all asleep in darkness
no movements
I can hear
my intake of air

The last street
to the house
I call my own
I drag my feet
so I can keep
the fear of unknown
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