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Everything goes.
Everything leaves eventually.
Everything dies eventually.
Everything will wither from your life.
Everything goes.
It woud be so nice
to cut my leg open
and watch myself bleed
To take down pills
and just go to sleep.
It would be nice
to just not think
It would be nice
Just to have a restart
Without needing to speak.
I'm trying not to do this and have people who I talk to.
You should't worry,
When I care to much.
You should worry,
When I stop caring.
You know what *****
When you give it your all
And your still not enough.
I don't want to feel
I just want to hide my eyes
And cry all night
Till life's alright
I can't do this anymore
I don't want to fight
I don't want to try
I can't do this anymore
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