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larni Feb 2019
though she may be smiling,
do not be misled.
alone she could be crying,
with words left unsaid.
Chris Dec 2018
Seek it and Don't resist it
Say more
Seek it and don't resist it...
Fate..Say more

Except for people you can't save.. Mislead yeah..
The rhythm and diamonds off
And there all flamed up

Don't need em to make a hit
Metaphor Metaphor
Let's run this ****..out..

No weary rest....
Unless ending it
They are who
U should be fine.

Off with the wicked...

Cause in the minds mind mind
Yeah that's right
I'm in the middle

Now you should accept the fact
This is how you reach the stars now..
If ur sure they serve the mark
Ill show the passion...
Xaela San Nov 2018
A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, that's how you spell your name
When we meet you sweet talk me to your game
Anywhere I go, you go, when I run, you chase
Never letting me sleep in a peaceful place
As you held my body to the ground
And with your silent whispers I am bound;

A-N-X-I-E-T-Y, is how you spell your name
And all you can do is to mislead and tame
Me to listen and follow your whispering commands

Never letting me climb the ladder to my dreams
As you constantly cloud my head with your internal screams
Reminding me how worthless and incompetent
"myself" to the "world" I live in
Then never letting me move forward to where I wanted to be.
*own experience*
Theshygirl Oct 2018
Your words,
oh your sweet and wonderful words
your beautiful and perfect words
Your terrible, horrible, misleading words.
Your words
that convinced me
that you care
that you understand
that you maybe even love me.
I was too naive before,
to see the truth.
Your truth
is full of lies
and deceit.
And how terrible
it was for me.
Believing in you
and your misleading words.
If only I had seen through them
before I had fallen so deep
to believe
your blatantly cruel and misleading words.
Maybe then
I could have stopped
the pain and suffering I felt
when you finally walked away
leaving your misleading words
to haunt me.
Poetic T Sep 2018
Imprisoned in
     satin seductions,
     like a jail cell of purity stained.

You were meant
          to be my saviour.

          But you sold me on like cattle..
Iska Feb 2018
although age in and of itself
does not declare experience
or the depth of knowledge one has gained
and in my opinion is silly for anyone
to think otherwise
I'm always told
"your so wise for one so young."
"oh I remember what it was like to be 19
and think you know the world."
Yet what they refuse to acknowledge
is that in 19 short years,
I may have experienced both
horrors and beauty
that they have yet to dream let alone see.
Who is to say that age is a boundary of the mind?
That inexperience creates an age divide?
Who are they to claim that we would be consumed
when they have yet to wander in our beaten old shoes?
Who are they to judge me of a story
they have yet to hear?
All becuse they refuse to lend an ear?
You only wanted *** and pleasure.

           I was just an afterthought.
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
I promise to mislead, deceive, and begial
You can continue to live your life in denial
Pretending everything's great
As your lies you spin and create

I'm the one that comforts you in the dead of night
Not your so called friends that are so up tight

I calm your nerves
I'm what you deserve
I chase the memories away
I make everything seem ok

But somedays I make them stay
I make everything in disarray
You know on those days you just need more of me
On your back I'll always be
With the darkness always closing in, always there
I'll by the only one who truly cares
You are my favorite ******
             Your Loving Money
Thomas EG Sep 2015
And after all you've gone through
To obtain respect from your roots
You must tell your younger branches
That this is just the way it is...

You have to mislead the youth
And continue to hide the truth
For you cannot blossom just yet
You need to wait for the sun to set

Now now, empty your watering can
Do not nourish the flowers' minds
Thoughts of drowning scare the man
So you should let them droop behind

And when they ask you why
The tree's vocal chords have changed
You will lie to their green eyes
And say *"it is only a nickname."
(Family tree)
Chesca R Jul 2015
I didn’t want to mislead myself.
   Every boy that I have loved
   Thought it was okay to just
   Pick me up,
   Play with me,
And return me back on the shelf.

I no longer want to be their toy.
I tried to save myself from getting hurt
By another boy.
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